Kracie Popin Cookin つくろう! おべんとう! DIY Review and Tutorial!

by - 12/06/2015

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last DIY Candy Kit review, I actually got a bunch of DIY Candy Kits (that I wasn't able to make a review/tutorial for... ;A;) but I really loved this one haha! It's my first time trying this Renewed Kracie Popin Cookin Bento DIY Candy Kit!~

I got this from Rainbowholic (as usual! I support master! haha! thank you again master!)
This was actually one of the most fun kit I ever tried (well all kits are fun to make! haha!) and I really enjoyed making this!

It had a lot of packets and actually had a lot of steps to follow, but it's so worth it!

It has so many packets! ah the colorfulness of this kit! haha! I wasn;t really able to take pics while I was doing this (cos I kind of forgot) because I was having so much fun doing this kit it slipped my mind! haha! so instead, here's a kawaii tutorial on how to make this amazing candy kit!

Isn't this a cool candy??

And so this is my final product! Instead of doing 1 panda and one onigiri, I decided to make 2 pandas haha! This looks much cuter for me hihi~

The taste overall is like jelly candy that varies depending on color! They weren't just one flavor so if you ate the green one, it kinda tasted like lime or green apple? or the usual flavor of any green colored jelly candy! haha! The panda onigiri was so fun to make since you get to shape it!

Overall I really recommend this kit for beginners, pro's, kids, adults, and kids at heart!

Here's the link to master's OL shop!:

Happy December to everyone!

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