Kawaii PH Winter Wonderland Party: Photo Diary

by - 12/16/2015

Hi everyone! It's been a while and it's almost Christmas!~ As most of you know, Kawaii PH recently held it's first Year End Party! And our theme... Winter Wonderland!

The party was held at the same location as the Halloween Party! Staple And Perk Bakery at Pasong Tamo! For this event, I was part of the organizing team, so I initially arrived early morning at the Kawaii PH Headquarters to help fix the stuff we needed to bring, plus we did our make ups there~
Upon arriving the site, we began fixing the place up and turning it into a kawaii winter wonderland!
(above photo: the Kawaii PH Girls!)

While waiting for the guests to arrive, Ate Ashley (Candy Kawaii Lover), Kaye (Dolly Kaye) and I were fooling around with kuya Francis (Mad Tee Party) behind the Kawaii PH Store Pop Up booth!

It was raining that day, and it was also super traffic, so most of the participants were actually quite late, so we ate before the guests arrived so we could start with our tummies full!

Of course Kaila (Rainbowholic) also had a pop up booth for Rainbowholic shop!

Feeling like a DJ with our in house music producer Zeon and Kawaii PH Ambassadress Gia!

We had a message board by the entrance for the guests to write their messages on! Me and Anne Kate were fooling around, pretending it's a candid shot for a magazine!

Since it's a Winter Wonderland party, we also had exchanged gifts as part of the activities for the day! it was of course randomized so we all didn't know who's who~

Since a lot of the participants were a little late, Ashley, Kaye and I did a mini Larme Photoshoot with the balloons that were going to be used for a game! haha! Will be dumping my selcas here as well!

Overall it was a super fun event and I'm happy the Kawaii PH team got together again!~ (hopefully Kaila and Celina could've been there as well~) and it was a huge success! the performances, the games, the activities were all super fun! Thank you again to everyone who went to the event and made it successful! Till our next Kawaii PH event!

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