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メリークリスマス!and Tokyo Extra!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone! is everyone having a good time?~ I hope everyone opened gifts! hihi! I put up my mini Sailor Moon Christmas tree so I could get the Christmas-y feeling! haha! A lot has happened this year, for me and family, and as well as my Kawaii PH family!~ This year for me has been pretty mellow, not much happened lol~ but for the Kawaii PH family, it has been a great year for us! Will be posting my 1 year Kawaii PH adventures soon!

Last week, Kaila (Rainbowholic) was invited to be a guest for the Tokyo Extra episode for that weekend! This is a big step for Kaila and of course Kawaii Philippines since she went there to represent the team and the community! They even aired our AVP which is super awesome!

I watched it live and waited for Kaila to appear haha! it was a super cute episode! Kaila even introduced the Kawaii PH Book! woot!

If you weren't able to watch it yet, here's the link to the YouTube video!

Another good news is, she was invited to appear again in this sunday's episode!
So please do watch it again!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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