Thank you for a Kawaii 2015!

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2015 is over (or almost over in some countries~) and personally, it's been a bumpy ride for me! My family and I went through a lot this year but here we are, still standing and happy! I met a lot of new people, went to a lot of new places and got to spend time with my favorite people! Just in the Kawaii PH family alone, I experienced a lot of kawaii events and had a lot of opportunities! My boyfriend and I are going 2 years in just 1 more month! and I had a lot of time for myself as well this 2015~ so I have a lot of things to be thankful for for this specific year!

My family and I had been through one hell of a ride for 2015~ they sticked with me through the bad times (when I was confined and wasn't able to push the Japanese Scholarship in Tokyo...) and as well as celebrated a lot of things with me! I'm thankful that they always support even if they think I'm a little out of the norms~ I love you guys!

Of course this year was special to me because of all the things my Kawaii PH family made me experience! They entrusted me with a lot of responsibilities to help me improve on a lot of things! I really feel lucky that I became a part of this team, I felt more empowered as a kawaii lifestyle blogger, I actually began to like myself more, I try to be more positive, became more confident and of course I loved myself better because of the Kawaii PH family! The Kawaii PH Community got bigger this year and I'm super happy about that! More and more kawaii people are supporting this movement to help empower everyone into being more confident about themselves!

I wrote the Year End special article/report for Kawaii Philippines so please do check it out!

I love you kawaii PH family!

I would never have made it through this year without my best friend, boyfriend, hubby, or whatever I wanna call him! lol! He's stuck with me through busy, boring, tough and happy times! Of course we had our fair share of arguments, but that's what it's all about! He's supported me through all my shenanigans, even if he hasn't gotten any sleep yet (although he is grumpier without any sleep...but he still goes with me lol), He loves me as me and accepted my pretty weird hobbies and interests, my lazy moments, and a whole lot more! Thank you my bby for always being there for me! here's to another year of debates, fun times, and more memories! I love you!, always!

Ah~ it seems like yesterday when 2015 started, but now, it's actually another beginning! Thank you to everyone who made this year worth while! I was able to go through it all because of you! and to the few readers of this blog, this wouldn't even be possible if it weren't for you! my blog turned 1 year last October and I thank you for sticking with me! Hope to see you more in the coming years!

Cheers to another beginning! Hope you all had a wonderful year!

To end this post, aside from sharing my 9 favorite moments for 2015~ I'm gonna share your favorite 9 moments (based on instagram lol) THANK YOU ALL!


カードキャプターさくら Clow Book iPhone 6 Case Review

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Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my ALL time favorite anime's! It's just so adorable, amazing, fun, and at the same time very heartwarming! I really love how I grew up with this anime, and that my collection for this specific show is increasing! I've been collecting/purchasing items that are CCS and adding them to my collection! For my newest addition, my boyfriend got me this iPhone 6 case as one of his Christmas presents for me! 

As you can see it just looks amazing! It's both elegant and Kawaii at the same time! The details are amazing and it's on point~ the clow key is also included to add to the feel of the case.

Even the spine of the book has it's title written so accurately!

The lock is magnetic and is gold plated (not real gold ofc..duh lol) and the back is more detailed! I so love this case!

The inside is made of some sort of velvet-y, suade, leather and as you can see, there's a compartment on the back cover, and another pocket underneath it~ if you look closely, you can see Kero-chan and the CCS logo engraved in the pocket!

Closer look at kero-chan! the stitches are absolutely amazing!

Overall I really love this case! It's looks super nice on my phone! For those who are curious, as far as I know, this case is only CURRENTLY available for iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/6+/6s+ ONLY~ 
you can pre-order them at

Thanks for reading this mini review and hope you like it!


メリークリスマス!and Tokyo Extra!

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Merry Christmas Everyone! is everyone having a good time?~ I hope everyone opened gifts! hihi! I put up my mini Sailor Moon Christmas tree so I could get the Christmas-y feeling! haha! A lot has happened this year, for me and family, and as well as my Kawaii PH family!~ This year for me has been pretty mellow, not much happened lol~ but for the Kawaii PH family, it has been a great year for us! Will be posting my 1 year Kawaii PH adventures soon!

Last week, Kaila (Rainbowholic) was invited to be a guest for the Tokyo Extra episode for that weekend! This is a big step for Kaila and of course Kawaii Philippines since she went there to represent the team and the community! They even aired our AVP which is super awesome!

I watched it live and waited for Kaila to appear haha! it was a super cute episode! Kaila even introduced the Kawaii PH Book! woot!

If you weren't able to watch it yet, here's the link to the YouTube video!

Another good news is, she was invited to appear again in this sunday's episode!
So please do watch it again!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Kawaii PH Winter Wonderland Party: Photo Diary

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Hi everyone! It's been a while and it's almost Christmas!~ As most of you know, Kawaii PH recently held it's first Year End Party! And our theme... Winter Wonderland!

The party was held at the same location as the Halloween Party! Staple And Perk Bakery at Pasong Tamo! For this event, I was part of the organizing team, so I initially arrived early morning at the Kawaii PH Headquarters to help fix the stuff we needed to bring, plus we did our make ups there~
Upon arriving the site, we began fixing the place up and turning it into a kawaii winter wonderland!
(above photo: the Kawaii PH Girls!)

While waiting for the guests to arrive, Ate Ashley (Candy Kawaii Lover), Kaye (Dolly Kaye) and I were fooling around with kuya Francis (Mad Tee Party) behind the Kawaii PH Store Pop Up booth!

It was raining that day, and it was also super traffic, so most of the participants were actually quite late, so we ate before the guests arrived so we could start with our tummies full!

Of course Kaila (Rainbowholic) also had a pop up booth for Rainbowholic shop!

Feeling like a DJ with our in house music producer Zeon and Kawaii PH Ambassadress Gia!

We had a message board by the entrance for the guests to write their messages on! Me and Anne Kate were fooling around, pretending it's a candid shot for a magazine!

Since it's a Winter Wonderland party, we also had exchanged gifts as part of the activities for the day! it was of course randomized so we all didn't know who's who~

Since a lot of the participants were a little late, Ashley, Kaye and I did a mini Larme Photoshoot with the balloons that were going to be used for a game! haha! Will be dumping my selcas here as well!

Overall it was a super fun event and I'm happy the Kawaii PH team got together again!~ (hopefully Kaila and Celina could've been there as well~) and it was a huge success! the performances, the games, the activities were all super fun! Thank you again to everyone who went to the event and made it successful! Till our next Kawaii PH event!


October Kawaii Box Review + Giveaway!

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Another Kawaii day has arrived! I finally got my 2nd Kawaii Box from none other than the amazing people! I was super excited to see what's inside their October release and they never failed to impress me! I seriously love the items in this box! Every month they have different kawaii finds and compile it into one big box of happiness!  

If you want to see my previous kawaii box review and giveaway, here's the link to my post!

They also have another type of box which is the Japan Candy Box! I also got a box from them and did a review and hosted a giveaway! 
Just in case you guys also want to try other things and get to try out kawaii candies!

So! to start of, when I got the box it kinda got squished, I guess because of the shipping, plus I'm not surprised with how our post office handles things..

The items are wrapped in a kawaii paper with their logo on it and the cute welcome card with the list of the items included as well!

When I removed the paper, I was so happy to see the pencil case! haha I love it!

So here are the candy themed items, Included is this super cute Ballpen that looks like a real christmas lollipop! A fun DIY sort of candy kit with sushis, and the super adorable UNCHIKUN poop lollipop haha!

I seriously love this poop candy haha! plus it's minty! lol

Another sticker I can add to my collection! (which I will be featuring soon!)

Small cute coinpurses and my favorite new pencil case! (I'm already using it haha!)

And some items you can use for decoden, and stationary writing/collecting and of course adorable stamps to go with it! 

Overall, I really liked the October month's box! It came in a little late because of all the holidays our country had these past few weeks or so, but I'm super happy I had the chance to host a giveaway again!

Hope you enjoyed this post and please do join the giveaway! (its international btw)


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