Rainbowholic Date

by - 11/12/2015

(we couldn't find someone to take a pic of us so... this is the best I could do lol)

Master (Rainbowholic/Kaila) and I have been planning this mini date for months now~ and last monday, we finally pushed through!! She was leaving for Japan on Wednesday, so we really wanted to get together before leaving! We originally planned to meet at UP Campus, but it was raining that morning, so we met up at UP Town Center, had an afternoon snack, then walked around while chatting about almost everything! I really love talking with Kaila since she's one of the most inspirational people you'll ever meet! We talked about a lot of ideas/future plans for Kawaii PH so do look forward to those!

We had desserts at St Marc Cafe, then talked for hours about a lot of things, walked around, but sadly, I had work that day so I needed to take off a little earlier, but we did take selfies since it's always a must!

Walked around a little bit, and talked about the future!

Kawaii PH and of course myself will miss Kaila again since it may be a while till her return~ but! we all look forward to it!!

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