Kawaii PH Garage Sale!

11/29/2015 Micaela 2 Comments

Today, the first ever Garage Sale happened at the Kawaii Philippines Headquarters, which also opened its doors to the public for the first time! (well just the first floor since we used the 2nd floor as sort of our resting spot/eating spot) but nevertheless, it was a huge success! The morning session was jam packed and a lot of the good items already went to new kawaii owners! (but of course since me and my bab wynona or known as Vanilla Fairy was helping out, we got to do dibs haha!

The first floor was set up in a kawaii larme-poi theme! Items from Rainbowholic, Whimsicute, Dolly Kaye, Mad Tee Party, LMP and of course some of the kawaii ph team's personal kawaii wardrobe were also on SALE!

This new design is not officially out yet so it made it's debut at today's garage sale!

Cardcaptor Sakura items, Rare kawaii loots, and DIY candy kits all from Japan for Rainbowholic's store!

Kawaii hair clips, pins and stickers from Whimsicute/LMP is also on sale on this super kawaii setting!

All these amazing clothes were also up for grabs!

Mirror selfie when I arrived and helped take pictures of the place while everything was neatly set up (and we were not yet open lol)

Mirror selfies and a three shot haha! Kaye was not here yet at the time since she had to step out lol

First batch of customers! The place was so full during the first 2 hours! a lot of the good stuff/rare items went first of course, so hopefully to the people who went in the afternoon, they were able to get the things they were looking for~ I also have my own loot of course!

I got 2 DIY japanese candy kits from Rainbowholic, got 4 sticker packs and 1 pin from Whimsicute/LMP, 1 Kawaii neko blouse, a Mad Tee Party shirt, a funky vintage sweater, and a Liz Lisa Dress which I will be wearing for the Winter Wonderland year end party!

Ahhh! It's always so fun to have/hold activities and see people enjoying it! In the next event please do drop by and have fun with us!

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