Purikura is back + Halloween party!

by - 10/08/2015

Hi guys! just wanted to share the good news to the peeps, Neoprint or Purikura machines are now back in Manila!! 

I'm super happy since I've never been able to try like the super legit Purikura machines (just the lame ones at like arcade centers that do not even come close to the purikura awesomeness!)

This can be found in Kidzoona at Fairview Terraces! The tokens are worth 200 php! It's not that close but also not that far from where I live, but would definitely go and have my pic taken!! lol!

(Thank you Master Kaila, Mommy Chichi and Sinsan Kaye!)

And! just a small announcement, the Kawaii PH team is actually in the middle of organizing a super kawaii halloween party! 

we're still finalizing everything and waiting for other things to fall into places, but we'll be posting more details soon so stay tuned in our FB page to find out more!


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  1. Oh my! So jealous right now. Why only in manila? huhuhu

    xx, Vanessa

    1. hopefully it will be all around phil soon!!