Himitsu no Neru Neru Cream Soda DIY Japanese Candy

by - 10/15/2015

It's been a while since I posted about a DIY candy kit and I'm super excited! I got this from master (rainbowholic) and decided to give this a try!This is the Himitsu no Neru Neru Cream Soda DIY candy kit! I was super excited to try this out and it's actually super easy to do! I will just be posting a photo diary on the steps on how to do it, it's actually super easy and it's fluffy!

Front and back view, and as well as the contents of the kit! you get 5 packets, 2 yellow ones, 2 red ones and one blue one, as well as the needed containers and 2 spoons!

remove the triangle fap at the end to use for water scooping (lol) then add the number 1 packet (both yellow and red to each of the circles in the container

add one scoop of water for each circle, then mix both until the powder mixes well with the water~ add the second packet marked number 2 (make sure you match the colors, pour the number 2 yellow packet in the space where you poured the number 1 yellow packet and vice verca)

mix until you get this fluffy like substance, add the blue packet evenly and voila!

It's actually pretty sour but still good, the pink one is like grape flavor... (I think) and the yellow one is soda flavored (I think lol)... or it may be the other way around lol either way this was super fun and hopefully you can get one for yourself!

Japanese DIY candy kits will soon be available at master's shop!

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