Cardcaptor Sakura THE CLOW Wallet Review

by - 10/28/2015

I've been in a slump lately, couldn't really think of any good topics to blog about, so for the meantime, since I'm waiting on a lot of kawaii Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon items to arrive, I'll just be doing unboxing/review/haul/collection blog posts while I get out of this slump~ but! no worries, will soon be posting links as to where to get all the items I will be sharing! hihi! For now, I'll be creating a review of this amazingly cute The Clow Wallet from Latte Bunny Shop!

The wallet itself comes in this white box with the Cardcaptor Sakura logo written on it with gold shiny lettering! It was so nice to look at plus it's actually pretty big lol

The inside would show the wallet wrapped in wrapping paper with the Latte Bunny logo sticking it together, and the wallet strap is just on the side of the box!

As you can see, the printing quality of the front cover of the book and the back design of the book is well done! the details are amazing and the texture of the wallet itself is also really good! If I'm not mistaken, I think this is the HQ version of the wallet, since there are actually the LQ versions all over the net (so be careful where to order). The insides have foam to protect the shape of the wallet as well!

And of course the zipper is the clow key~ ah so cute!

The inside of the wallet itself is pretty big! you can fit up to 8 cards, there's bigger pockets behind those card packets, (thats where I keep my money) and the coin purse in the middle, I also keep my phone here when I'm at work! lol!

The size is actually pretty big, I have an iPhone 6 and it fits perfectly in this wallet, it may even fit the iPhone 6+ if that's what you're using~

Feel free to add other keychains to personalize your kawaii wallet~ hihi! Overall I really like the quality of this wallet and I'm super happy I have this to add to my collection! I spent around 1,200+ php on this wallet but it's sooo worth it!

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