Cardcaptor Sakura THE CLOW Wallet Review

10/28/2015 Micaela 0 Comments

I've been in a slump lately, couldn't really think of any good topics to blog about, so for the meantime, since I'm waiting on a lot of kawaii Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon items to arrive, I'll just be doing unboxing/review/haul/collection blog posts while I get out of this slump~ but! no worries, will soon be posting links as to where to get all the items I will be sharing! hihi! For now, I'll be creating a review of this amazingly cute The Clow Wallet from Latte Bunny Shop!

The wallet itself comes in this white box with the Cardcaptor Sakura logo written on it with gold shiny lettering! It was so nice to look at plus it's actually pretty big lol

The inside would show the wallet wrapped in wrapping paper with the Latte Bunny logo sticking it together, and the wallet strap is just on the side of the box!

As you can see, the printing quality of the front cover of the book and the back design of the book is well done! the details are amazing and the texture of the wallet itself is also really good! If I'm not mistaken, I think this is the HQ version of the wallet, since there are actually the LQ versions all over the net (so be careful where to order). The insides have foam to protect the shape of the wallet as well!

And of course the zipper is the clow key~ ah so cute!

The inside of the wallet itself is pretty big! you can fit up to 8 cards, there's bigger pockets behind those card packets, (thats where I keep my money) and the coin purse in the middle, I also keep my phone here when I'm at work! lol!

The size is actually pretty big, I have an iPhone 6 and it fits perfectly in this wallet, it may even fit the iPhone 6+ if that's what you're using~

Feel free to add other keychains to personalize your kawaii wallet~ hihi! Overall I really like the quality of this wallet and I'm super happy I have this to add to my collection! I spent around 1,200+ php on this wallet but it's sooo worth it!


Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly 2 セーラームーン Review

10/24/2015 Micaela 4 Comments

Moon Cosmic Power.... Make Up!! I've been wanting to order one of these from a while back, but never got the chance to actually order online, I've been so lazy these past couple of weeks (as you can see with my lack of posts lol) but I am trying to get back back on my feet and try to be as lively as before! haha! so! for this post, it will just be a simple unboxing/review of the Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly Charm 2! By "2" it means this is set 2 lol since in the first set of this series, Sailor Moon was riding her Crystal Compact! And for this series, she's on her cosmic heart one~ so! I'm very excited with the quality and to use it of course, so let's unbox her!

Even while inside the box, you can already see the high quality material of this charm, yes.. a charm or maybe for others a sort of keychain, and of course the Bandai seal is always there~

It also comes with an adorable sailor moon candy!

For this set, these are the characters you can collect or choose from~ as you may have guessed, set 1 had the inner senshi's and chibiusa with luna pi, and sailor moon with her crystal brooch~

And once you open the box, the first thing you'll see is the adorable candy!

Why hello!... lol

Just look at that quality, it's almost as HD as a figurine itself! the material used for the Cosmic Heart brooch is that simply amazing~ the paint job is not perfect, but probably because this is so small, will be showing you how small it is later on~ imagine this kind of work being done on a larger piece, imagine how detailed that would be!

And of course you need to see what the back part looks like as well!

This is how tiny she is! when you look at the pictures, you might have imagined her size to be bigger (cause that's what happened with me lol) She'll be going with my 3ds from now on! lol

And that's it for this post! I love doing unboxing/reviewing/collection/haul posts! will actually be doing more of those soon! plus a giveaway hosted by me! *for the first time lol*
thank you for dropping by again! 


Himitsu no Neru Neru Cream Soda DIY Japanese Candy

10/15/2015 Micaela 2 Comments

It's been a while since I posted about a DIY candy kit and I'm super excited! I got this from master (rainbowholic) and decided to give this a try!This is the Himitsu no Neru Neru Cream Soda DIY candy kit! I was super excited to try this out and it's actually super easy to do! I will just be posting a photo diary on the steps on how to do it, it's actually super easy and it's fluffy!

Front and back view, and as well as the contents of the kit! you get 5 packets, 2 yellow ones, 2 red ones and one blue one, as well as the needed containers and 2 spoons!

remove the triangle fap at the end to use for water scooping (lol) then add the number 1 packet (both yellow and red to each of the circles in the container

add one scoop of water for each circle, then mix both until the powder mixes well with the water~ add the second packet marked number 2 (make sure you match the colors, pour the number 2 yellow packet in the space where you poured the number 1 yellow packet and vice verca)

mix until you get this fluffy like substance, add the blue packet evenly and voila!

It's actually pretty sour but still good, the pink one is like grape flavor... (I think) and the yellow one is soda flavored (I think lol)... or it may be the other way around lol either way this was super fun and hopefully you can get one for yourself!

Japanese DIY candy kits will soon be available at master's shop!


Purikura is back + Halloween party!

10/08/2015 Micaela 2 Comments

Hi guys! just wanted to share the good news to the peeps, Neoprint or Purikura machines are now back in Manila!! 

I'm super happy since I've never been able to try like the super legit Purikura machines (just the lame ones at like arcade centers that do not even come close to the purikura awesomeness!)

This can be found in Kidzoona at Fairview Terraces! The tokens are worth 200 php! It's not that close but also not that far from where I live, but would definitely go and have my pic taken!! lol!

(Thank you Master Kaila, Mommy Chichi and Sinsan Kaye!)

And! just a small announcement, the Kawaii PH team is actually in the middle of organizing a super kawaii halloween party! 

we're still finalizing everything and waiting for other things to fall into places, but we'll be posting more details soon so stay tuned in our FB page to find out more!



Cosplay Mania 2015 photo diary

10/04/2015 Micaela 0 Comments

Oha! It's been so long since my last post~ I've been super busy with my work and didn't have enough time to blog that much!! so! for now, will just be posting a photo diary entry regarding Cosplay Mania 2015's 1st day! I took a bunch of selcas and there was an amazing surprise! Kaila was suddenly here!! she surprised us! so please do enjoy the photo spams! lol