Baked Cheesecake Kit Kats!

by - 9/13/2015

Hi guys! And finally another "sort-of-lame" tutorial here on my blog and this time, it's the famous Baked Cheesecak Kit kats! I swear Japan comes up with super amazing (and sometimes crazy) flavors of Kit Kats! But! I'm still super excited to try this out so I decided to make a blog post about it (and as well as a video which I will be linking here later on) so yeah! 

So basically the Kit Kats looks like plain white chocolate at first, but you pop em in the oven and they'd look like baked creme brulee!

All you need to use is a Toaster Oven that includes a tray/pan and you're good to go! the instructions are in Japanese but no worries they are pretty easy to do!

Once you open the bag you get these super adorable Kit Kats! They're much smaller than the regular ones and they are separately packed! Each bag contains 13 pieces so you'd have enough to enjoy!

First thing you'd need to do is prepare your tray/pan and line them with foil (gawsh my foil-rippings skills fail level is at 10000000) make sure the tray is a perfect fit for your toaster oven!

Properly arrange the kit kats in your foil covered tray, and make sure you leave enough space for each piece! (we don't want them to stick to each other in case they'd super melt)

Now prepare your toaster oven! just preheat the oven for at least 3 min, (for people who are using toaster oven's with Celsius, just set it at at around 390 Degrees C.) and let it bake for about another 2-3 min (just don't overdo it like I did)


and the final result.... JAN JA JAAAN!

I burnt them, to the nth level! well it's not super burned actually, they just melted pretty quickly (because I left it in the toaster oven for too long so make sure not to do the same mistake lol)

For the taste test!

It actually tasted REALLY GOOD! No kidding, even if they were a little burnt, they were crunchy and at first they tasted liked Creme Brulee, but as you continue eating them you begin to taste the Cheesecake flavor of it! It was super good! One of my favorite flavors! (out of the hundreds of flavors kit kat has! lol)

Anyway! That's it for this blog post, hope you guys enjoyed my fail (yet again) post and if you want to watch the video, here's my video version of this tutorial! Thanks for dropping by as always and hope you drop by again!!


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