Date day with Candy Kawaii Lover!

by - 8/18/2015

Last saturday, I had a fun date with Ashley! (Candy Kawaii Lover) and we actually just ate during date day lol! We had late lunch at Cafe Shibuya, which had a super cute and simple setting! The cafe was quiet and intimate and had a lot of choices in the menu!

Their menu is so cute! it's designed like a newspaper (without the smell of course) and their desserts looked divine, but we actually opted to try desserts in a different cafe which I will also be posting in a few! I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana (I think that's the name), it's chicket fillet baked with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese served with corn and onions on the side and choice between rice or pasta, of course I went for rice! lol for my drinks, I went for the chocolate banana smoothie! Ashley had pork with kimchi rice~

We spent hours just talking about random things and having fun! so! since we were full, we decided to go to St. Marc Cafe to get parfaits!

We both got the Chocolate Banana Parfait cause you can never go wrong with chocolate and banana~ haha! overall it was a super fun day and hopefully we'd be able to find time to go out again!~
thanks for that date ate ashley!!

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  1. Waaa, The food is so mouth-watering! I love Miss Ashley top (though, I'm not sure if it's a dress) and I want to pinch you cheeks, Miss Mica! Ang cuuuuteee!