Japan Candy Box review + Giveaway

8/22/2015 Micaela 4 Comments

It's been a while since I received a subscription box! but! I'm very excited to present my first Japan Candy Box~ Thank you to the people behind Japan Candy Box for sending this box to me! I'm super excited to try out all the candies in this box! The delivery time was also so fast that I didn't realize it took two weeks! So! let's start with the unboxing!

So the box came with just a few dents, I guess it got squished while it was on it's way, but the items weren't damaged whatsoever, the personalized paper cover was also super adorable as well as the welcome card!

They also printed out the candies available in this box! (I love the Pokemon Pineapple strips, Chameleon Candy, Meiji watapachi popping candy, the DIY candy and EVERYTHING!)

Let's take a look at the items! Jan ja jan!~

It's so organized and all kawaii!~

These are all so good! I pretty much enjoyed everything! (except the Matcha cookies, but only because I don't like macha lol)

The Meiji soda flavored gum is a must have! plus the packaging is way cute!

You can never go wrong with Pocky! The soda candy tasted like coke, that was turned into a powdered tablet in a plastic soda bottle, interesting candy!

The Pokemon Pineapple chewy candy is heaven! it tasted like sweet pineapple, and the packaging strips were also all pokemon! super adorable! The Chameleon Candy is one of the coolest, it's like a Mood Ring candy, the color of your candy (all candies are chocolate colored) would be depending on your mood,if you're happy the color would turn out red, and so forth.. and it tastes like soda lol

Created a video while making this super adorable and tasty DIY candy kit! will upload it here once it's finished!

This is also one of my favorites! the Grape flavored cotton candy with poppers in it! super tasty!

I think this is a good buy in the box, it's tasty mini chocolate cookies~ plus you get a lot in one pack!

Overall the box was very fulfilling and I might order one every month from now on!

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Date day with Candy Kawaii Lover!

8/18/2015 Micaela 2 Comments

Last saturday, I had a fun date with Ashley! (Candy Kawaii Lover) and we actually just ate during date day lol! We had late lunch at Cafe Shibuya, which had a super cute and simple setting! The cafe was quiet and intimate and had a lot of choices in the menu!

Their menu is so cute! it's designed like a newspaper (without the smell of course) and their desserts looked divine, but we actually opted to try desserts in a different cafe which I will also be posting in a few! I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana (I think that's the name), it's chicket fillet baked with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese served with corn and onions on the side and choice between rice or pasta, of course I went for rice! lol for my drinks, I went for the chocolate banana smoothie! Ashley had pork with kimchi rice~

We spent hours just talking about random things and having fun! so! since we were full, we decided to go to St. Marc Cafe to get parfaits!

We both got the Chocolate Banana Parfait cause you can never go wrong with chocolate and banana~ haha! overall it was a super fun day and hopefully we'd be able to find time to go out again!~
thanks for that date ate ashley!!


Current life

8/09/2015 Micaela 0 Comments

I can't believe it's already August! Time flies so fast~ next month it's gonna be September already, and before you know it, it'll be December! Just wanted to make a quick update with my current life lol~ So I've been pretty much busy lately because I'm always on my 3DS playing MH4U, Bravely Default, and Conception II~ so maaaany games all at once~ lol

By the way if you want my friend code feel free to comment below yours and I'll give you mine so we can all be friends lol! Bedazzled my Pearl Pink 3DS... it looks super cute! lol

And I'm also currently studying up on some Japanese fashion inspiration that I could use for work~ A couple of days ago, I just completely healed from a terrible cold and sore throat that lasted for weeks,.. I've been pretty much stressed lately, but still rolling with the curve. I'm hoping for a less stressful work as well~ pretty much stumped and forgot to do a lot of things starting from end of July till first week of August, so hopefully this week I'll be able to get back on my feet again, pretty much stressed with money, so I might be doing a mini closet/garage sale so please do look forward to it!

That's it for this very short update, I'm actually drafting a pretty serious blog post about Kawaii so do look forward to that~

Thanks for all the support!