Teaser: Larme Photo shoot BTS

by - 7/12/2015

During my first attempt at a rather semi-formal photo shoot during the last Larme inspired shoot, I promised myself I would practice for the next one, so that I won't look too awkward, we had this shoot planned long before the first one, and sadly, my schedule changed to a night shift, so, I had no sleep during the shoot. After work I went home to take a bath again to refresh myself and to wake myself up as well, then headed straight to The Bunny Baker Cafe for the 4th and last workshop of Kawaii PH for School of Kawaii for 2015. After the workshop, me, our stylist for the shoot Kaye (dolly kaye), hair stylist Wynona (Vanilla Fairy), fellow Kawaii PH bloggers Ashley (Candy Kawaii Lover) and Chai (Oh My Little Girl) and of course our Photographer Yool went straight to the Kawaii PH headquarters with Chichi (little miss paintbrush) and francis (Mad Tee Party)~ It was a busy day for us, but! the shoot was so much fun! I forgot that I hadn't slept yet!

Finally changed into the dress I was assigned to wear! This was part of Dolly Kaye's collection during the Tamashii Convention "A Love Letter's Promise". A collection inspired by wedding dresses that were kawaii-fied by Kaye! Look at those dark circles! OAO Wasn't able to put on that much make up like mascara or eye liner or even my contact lenses... I might rub my eye to death since I was sleepy that day. 

While everyone was getting ready, a photo of me with our Photographer Yool!

Pre-set up of the backdrop for our shoot~

While we were all getting ready~ lol

Mirror selfie with the one and only Dolly Kaye!

Selfie with Wynona and Chai!

nona stealing a selfie shot while chai was shooting her solo shots! lol

Wynona and Ashley's turns~ ah they're all so cute!
Of course, we were all hungry so, we had Barney's Burgers!


And finally my awkwardness strikes again~ this was during a test shot before the actual shoot~ Yool wanted to test the lighting and stuff, and the "carpet" (lol) was not yet there so yeah~ haha!
Overall it was such a fun day! these photos are just the BTS (behind the scenes) shots! Will be uploading the actual photos once yool has finished editing them!~

Finally, a good bye selfie with the Sailor Moon eyeliner and Rainbowholic x Lucypop Japan uniform!

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  1. I really like all these party pictures..All of you are looking so awesome and gorgeous..Especially that lighting fork is simply awesome..Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting