Rilakkuma in Happy Land

by - 7/18/2015

I often think of what kawaii pouch/folder I could use which I can bring inside the office (that doesn't need to be left in the locker). So earlier today, my boyfriend and I decided to drop by Happy Land in SM North Edsa, I was almost going to get a huge Rilakkuma plushie with the zipper (which you can use by the way) at the back so I can hide my phone there, that's what I was thinking, but decided to look around more. It's a Rilakkuma shop by the way! All authentic from Japan!
So! once I was done scanning all the items, I had made my decision to buy these!

A super kawaii Rilakkuma hair tie!

It's super cute! close up shot

It's sooo adorable and sooo soft! Will be wearing this to work! hihi!
Next is this super cute Rilakkuma ipad/notebook/wallet/pouch/case!

(rilakkuma doll peeking lol)

This is another adorable item! you can keep your ipad/tablet/phone/wallet/notebooks/pens inside! This will be my all rounder kit lol

Here are the outer portion details~ and here's what's inside!

Isn't the inside so handy?? a lot of compartments and an extra kiiroitori pouch as well!
Ah so happy! plus it's so fluffy that I would always hold on to it!
Will definitely be going back to shop more kawaii Rilakkuma items!
So that's it for now~ bye!

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  1. Awww... Those are really cute!

    By the way, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! :) Check out my blog for more info. I like visiting your website because of all the cuteness. :) (I also got a chance to meet you briefly during the Rainbowholic Meet-Up last year.) :)

    1. haha thanks!~

      oh wow! thanks so much! (yes of course I remember you lol) will definitely check it out :D

  2. OOOOOMMMMYYYGGGOODD where can I buy the tablet pouch it's sooooo cute