Photo Diary: Blythe appreciation

by - 7/26/2015

I've recently been very much addicted at looking at Blythe dolls, I'm still thinking if I should purchase one, but not too sure if I can save extra for it~ will give it a shot though, so for now, I'll just post lovely photos of these dolls to repress my feelings of wantness for now~
(all photo's in this post were taken by Kaila of Rainbowholic)

All these dolls are so beautifully made! the details, the clothes, the eyes, the hair, you get to do a lot of things with them, I wish I could make them dresses as well! some people customize their own blythe doll from the hair, make up, down to the shoes~ If you have any blythe pictures to share, feel free to comment or email them to me~ I would love to see more photos!

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