Larme Magazine Inspired Photoshoot

by - 6/30/2015

Last June 27, 2015, Me along with Dolly Kaye, Little Miss Paintbrush and Vanilla Fairy had a Larme Magazine inspired photo shoot and it was super fun! It was my first time doing a photo shoot with them so I was pretty nervous lol! This post will be a photo spam so be prepared lol!

During the start of the shoot I was super nervous cause I'm not used to other people taking my photos, lol but yeah sucked it up and did it anyway!
My hair was done by Wynona (Vanilla Fairy) and my make up was done by Kaye (Dolly Kaye) and the skirt I'm wearing is actually Kaila's (rainbowholic) lol thank you master!

So this was us setting up the BG for our shoot~This is at the Kawaii PH Headquarters btw lol

Thank you nona for the hairstyle! (no make up yet lol)

and then BAM! with make up! not used to it lol~

This is our 2 shot session! I'm paired with nona because of our playful OOTD's lol

we were having too much fun in this shot lol

And of course the pretty sister's 2 shot session!
And of course our solo shots! 




And now my awkward shots lol

(me as a child star lol)

I look so awkward in these photos lol still no good with the expressions ;A;

It was so much fun! There will be a part 2 of this Larme inspired photo shoot and it will be with fellow Kawaii PH bloggers Ashley and Chai!
Please look forward to it and thank you for checking my blog!


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