Kawaii Cafe's to visit in Japan

by - 7/03/2015

People who love to eat would always have a list of where to eat, what to eat and most likely how much it'd cost them. Now for people like me, as long as I can afford it, I'll try it, you can never go wrong with food and the bonding you'll be spending with the person/people you were with while visiting cafes and such. As some of you may know, I'm an avid reader of Ashley Dy's blog candykawaiilover and I always took note of some of her tips in different genres of her post, in this case, I've curated my top 5 "to visit" cafes once I go to Japan! Just a disclaimer: There may be a pop up cafe in my post, but pop up cafes do come back and hopefully when I get there it's the theme of the cafe.

These cafe's are all in Ashley's blog and ALL pictures belong to Ashley Dy
Now the first thing I want to visit would be, the pop up Pokemon Cafe!

If you're not sure what a pop up cafe is, it means that the certain theme for this cafe in this case it's Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (the reason why it's a specific generation/version of Pokemon is because the ORAS game was recently released for 3DS when this cafe was also up) would only be there for a limited amount of time, after that period, the theme would change, it could change to a sanrio themed cafe or what not. 
They also had different kinds of Pokemon pop up cafes before!
I would love to visit one! Just look at the cuteness of this cafe!

The food looks adorable! I would have a hard time eating it! plus! you get to shop too!

How I'd love to live in this Pokemon world... lol
This cafe can be found at The Guest Café&Diner at Parco in Shibuya (but as of now, this cafe has already ended ;AAA;)
Next up is one of my favorite Sanrio characters... Gudetama!

The Village Vanguard Diner x gudetama pop-up café at Yokohama Lumine, 6th floor! Another Pop Up cafe which means the theme can change anytime soon, or has already changed but! I still want to try and visit this ADORABLE cafe! LOOK AT IT! *A*

The Q-pot cafe is another adorable cafe! Omigosh look at how elegant this cafe is! even the dessert looks so classy! a dessert is for 2000 JPY though so it is a little bit expensive but! trying it once won't hurt! 

Drop by Hakone to visit Musee De Petit Prince! Gosh, that burger looks so good~ Plus I'm a fan of Little Prince!

And last but not least, I've always wanted to try Shirohige's Creampuff Shop!

Aren't these creampuff's adorable!? I don't think I can eat totoro! lol!
This kawaii creampuff store is located at 3-21-21 Takaidohigashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo! Now this I would definitely visit! And that's it for now! I would like to acknowledge Ashley Dy's amazing blog and photos!! Thank you for reading and hope you can visit Ashley's blog and these amazing cafes soon/next time!

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