Get your own Kawaii Box!

by - 7/21/2015

(photo from rainbowholic)

Hello fellow kawaii lovers! Just a quick update, and a little something all of you can help me on~ Is it your dream to own your own Kawaii Box? Is the Philippines a country where we can't get a lot of kawaii items? is the shipping too expensive? well worry no more! currently has their free shipping including the Philippines as well!

There are 4 types of plan, and you can just choose depending on your budget! There's not much pressure! if it helps, I also did a December Kawaii Box review HERE

If you're planning on ordering, PLEASE CLICK AT THE ADS IN MY BLOG~ that would really help me a lot!

This is my referral ad so please do click there if you're going to order a kawaii box for yourself! Here are a few samples of what's inside per month!

(images from

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this mini update! I hope you guys order!~

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  1. Hello. I just want to ask, how much did you pay when you claimed the box in the post office? Thank you.