Fruit Salad Decoden Case Review

by - 7/28/2015

Decoden is short for Decoration Denwa (which means phone in Japanese) and this kawaii "technique" is already being used all over the world! I already did a Decoden Phone case review before which you can read HERE and the shop/store in that review is different. This time, I'll be reviewing one of the first decoden shops in the Philippines (if I'm not mistaken) and it would be Fluffy and Cream! (Instagram Link:

I've always wanted to have my case customized by this shop, but there was a brief time where they became inactive (because the shop owner is still going to school) so at that time I wasn't able to order a case from her, but! since she's recently been active again, I've decided to shoot her a message and asked for a custom case! I saw a fruit salad inspired case on her page, and I found it very neat and kawaii so I asked her to create a Salad Decoden case!

It arrived in a very neat and secured plastic case with cute ribbons and you can see the kawaii thank you note through the box! 

Even with the properly sealed box, the case was still covered with a super cute Little Twin Stars plastic packaging!

It's just super adorable! I love how it's properly secured (to also avoid dirt and what not)

After taking it out of the Little Twin Stars packaging, it's still wrapped a cute phone size ziplock! (which I will be using for other things lol) I really love how they packed/secured the case to avoid a lot of possible things that could damage the case!

And voila! The case looks amazing! I love how it looks so neat and it doesn't look clustered! I also super like the realistic look/feel to the case! I'm not too fond of super big cabachons and such so this is just perfect for me! Another thing that I super love would be her piping skills and the whippie that she used!

It looks so nice on the case and it doesn't look messy~

The fruit cabochons looks like it was randomly attached but at the same time it gives off an organized look as well~ It's super nice to look at!

The service is also very accommodating! The seller was super nice and fun to talk to, and she sends previews/drafts of her works before actually creating the case.
This case is worth 1,300 PHP, but it's so worth it! ordering a decoded case online from other countries would cost so much more, plus this was a very fast transaction! the items she used are also super high quality!

Aside from customized cases, she also sells cabochons, decoden whip creams, resin materials, and a lot of Rilakkuma related items! so be sure to check her instagram out!

Overall I'm very satisfied with everything in this shop, service, items, time frame, etc. I would definitely order from their shop again! That's it for this post and thank you for reading! byee!

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  1. That fruit salad case looks so delicious! ♥ There's only a limited number of decoden shops here in the Philippines and Fluffy and Cream looks like a really nice shop to order decoden cases from~

    1. Yes it really is a nice shop! All the items are so nice and neat~ <3