Fruit Salad Decoden Case Review

7/28/2015 Micaela 2 Comments

Decoden is short for Decoration Denwa (which means phone in Japanese) and this kawaii "technique" is already being used all over the world! I already did a Decoden Phone case review before which you can read HERE and the shop/store in that review is different. This time, I'll be reviewing one of the first decoden shops in the Philippines (if I'm not mistaken) and it would be Fluffy and Cream! (Instagram Link:

I've always wanted to have my case customized by this shop, but there was a brief time where they became inactive (because the shop owner is still going to school) so at that time I wasn't able to order a case from her, but! since she's recently been active again, I've decided to shoot her a message and asked for a custom case! I saw a fruit salad inspired case on her page, and I found it very neat and kawaii so I asked her to create a Salad Decoden case!

It arrived in a very neat and secured plastic case with cute ribbons and you can see the kawaii thank you note through the box! 

Even with the properly sealed box, the case was still covered with a super cute Little Twin Stars plastic packaging!

It's just super adorable! I love how it's properly secured (to also avoid dirt and what not)

After taking it out of the Little Twin Stars packaging, it's still wrapped a cute phone size ziplock! (which I will be using for other things lol) I really love how they packed/secured the case to avoid a lot of possible things that could damage the case!

And voila! The case looks amazing! I love how it looks so neat and it doesn't look clustered! I also super like the realistic look/feel to the case! I'm not too fond of super big cabachons and such so this is just perfect for me! Another thing that I super love would be her piping skills and the whippie that she used!

It looks so nice on the case and it doesn't look messy~

The fruit cabochons looks like it was randomly attached but at the same time it gives off an organized look as well~ It's super nice to look at!

The service is also very accommodating! The seller was super nice and fun to talk to, and she sends previews/drafts of her works before actually creating the case.
This case is worth 1,300 PHP, but it's so worth it! ordering a decoded case online from other countries would cost so much more, plus this was a very fast transaction! the items she used are also super high quality!

Aside from customized cases, she also sells cabochons, decoden whip creams, resin materials, and a lot of Rilakkuma related items! so be sure to check her instagram out!

Overall I'm very satisfied with everything in this shop, service, items, time frame, etc. I would definitely order from their shop again! That's it for this post and thank you for reading! byee!


Kawaii PH Book 1: Beyond the Cutest Dreams

7/27/2015 Micaela 0 Comments

I realized I never really posted about the Kawaii PH Book itself, so here it is! Beyond the Cutest Dreams! I'm really happy that the book launch was a huge success and that a lot of people seemed to enjoy the event and the book itself! First off, thank you as well to all the people who purchased and blogged about the book~ this is a collective effort by the team and friends and we made it as inspiring as possible! Have you grabbed a copy of your own yet?

There I am! haha! Was super happy to be anointed as Kawaii PH's PR Specialist! 

Be sure to check out these blogs! Fellow Kawaii PH bloggers ftw! super happy!

Please also check out the Kawaii Girl song by Ghey Galura! She based it on a Poem written by me!~

Kawaii Games are also included in the book which you and your friends will surely enjoy!

And finally don't forget to read the kawaii articles written by us and contributed by the kawaii ph friends and learn more about Kawaii PH!

Again thank you to everyone who supported and purchased the book! hope you'll be inspired and continue to support Kawaii PH!~


Photo Diary: Blythe appreciation

7/26/2015 Micaela 0 Comments

I've recently been very much addicted at looking at Blythe dolls, I'm still thinking if I should purchase one, but not too sure if I can save extra for it~ will give it a shot though, so for now, I'll just post lovely photos of these dolls to repress my feelings of wantness for now~
(all photo's in this post were taken by Kaila of Rainbowholic)

All these dolls are so beautifully made! the details, the clothes, the eyes, the hair, you get to do a lot of things with them, I wish I could make them dresses as well! some people customize their own blythe doll from the hair, make up, down to the shoes~ If you have any blythe pictures to share, feel free to comment or email them to me~ I would love to see more photos!


Get your own Kawaii Box!

7/21/2015 Micaela 1 Comments

(photo from rainbowholic)

Hello fellow kawaii lovers! Just a quick update, and a little something all of you can help me on~ Is it your dream to own your own Kawaii Box? Is the Philippines a country where we can't get a lot of kawaii items? is the shipping too expensive? well worry no more! currently has their free shipping including the Philippines as well!

There are 4 types of plan, and you can just choose depending on your budget! There's not much pressure! if it helps, I also did a December Kawaii Box review HERE

If you're planning on ordering, PLEASE CLICK AT THE ADS IN MY BLOG~ that would really help me a lot!

This is my referral ad so please do click there if you're going to order a kawaii box for yourself! Here are a few samples of what's inside per month!

(images from

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this mini update! I hope you guys order!~


Rilakkuma in Happy Land

7/18/2015 Micaela 4 Comments

I often think of what kawaii pouch/folder I could use which I can bring inside the office (that doesn't need to be left in the locker). So earlier today, my boyfriend and I decided to drop by Happy Land in SM North Edsa, I was almost going to get a huge Rilakkuma plushie with the zipper (which you can use by the way) at the back so I can hide my phone there, that's what I was thinking, but decided to look around more. It's a Rilakkuma shop by the way! All authentic from Japan!
So! once I was done scanning all the items, I had made my decision to buy these!

A super kawaii Rilakkuma hair tie!

It's super cute! close up shot

It's sooo adorable and sooo soft! Will be wearing this to work! hihi!
Next is this super cute Rilakkuma ipad/notebook/wallet/pouch/case!

(rilakkuma doll peeking lol)

This is another adorable item! you can keep your ipad/tablet/phone/wallet/notebooks/pens inside! This will be my all rounder kit lol

Here are the outer portion details~ and here's what's inside!

Isn't the inside so handy?? a lot of compartments and an extra kiiroitori pouch as well!
Ah so happy! plus it's so fluffy that I would always hold on to it!
Will definitely be going back to shop more kawaii Rilakkuma items!
So that's it for now~ bye!


Photo Diary: Larme inspired shoot II

7/14/2015 Micaela 5 Comments

If you've read my last post about the BTS or behind the scene pictures of our Larme Inspired Photo Session, then here's what I promised, the HD photos of our photo shoot! This will just be more on a photo post of us modelling the Dolly Kaye wedding dress inspired collection! 

These were just some of the group shots that we had~

Ashley Dy solo shots (Candy Kawaii Lover)

Wynona (Vanilla Fairy) solo shots~

Kaye (Dolly Kaye) solo shots~

Chai Mungcal (Oh my little girl) solo shots~

And of course my solo shots~ I still look really awkward in the camera! ;A; I have no talent in this lol~ but I will keep practicing! We're already planning the part 3 of our Larme shoot!
Hope you enjoyed this photo spam entry! 

Photography by Yool