Vanilla Cupcakes

by - 5/31/2015

Visited Vanilla Cupcakes at UP Town Center last week, and just as expected, everything in this cafe is so adorable! I met with my boyfriend here before going around the mall (on with the date lol)
The ambiance is so adorable that I actually see future School of Kawaii activities here, hopefully if the space is bigger~

The interior actually has a mix of Vintage and Kawaii and it seems like a fun place to hang out in, probably because there wasn't much people yet, so it's quiet, but yeah, the interior is pretty homey~

The cupcakes were all super adorable and I actually couldn't choose which one to order, in the end I ordered the one with Nutella because, you can never go wrong with Nutella lol

The cupcake was for 115 php, they also had other food in their menu like pasta, rice, soup, salad, etc. Some of the cupcakes go up to 150 php and their cheapest one is 95 php. 
The taste (of the one I ordered) was actually okay, to be honest there wasn't anything that special, and I was kind of disappointed because I couldn't taste the Nutella, I have to admit, I actually find the place very pricey, not a little... Very. Because the cupcakes were small, but way overpriced.
I've tasted cupcakes from different shops, I especially love Cupcakes at Sonja's because their's are so damn good (not sure if their prices changed but their cupcakes were at 65 php)

Overall, if you have extra money and want to relax in a cute place, this would be the place for you! but not on a everyday basis unless you have lozza money or you want to go bankrupt lol

ending with a selfie collage with my bae!
See you next time!

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