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by - 6/01/2015

I know everyone who stumbles upon this blog is of course familiar with Candy Kawaii Lover Ashley Dy's blog! She recently arrived from Japan and has brought of course a battalion with her, a battalion of Kawaii goods straight from Japan! She just opened her Instagram shop and her username is @shopcandykawaiilover she has on hand items, and pre order items, and ships internationally!

Recently, she posted in the Kawaii PH community group for kawaii enthusiasts, that she was looking for a part timer/intern to help her with her store!

Hi guys! We're looking for Candy Kawaii Lover intern / shop assistant if you're interested, please send your letter of intent at (removing the email address for security)
1. Daily salary
2. Plus transportation fees
3. Freebies from the shopRoles:
1. Shop assistant
2. Attend events
3. Documenting events
4. Social media updates
5. Inventory
Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon!

That was her post about looking for a shop assistant! So of course I sent her a PM through facebook asking her if it was okay that I apply,  she said okay right away and I was super happy! So my first assignment was to help her with her mini booth at the Animax Carnival held last May 30-31, 2015 and SMX Moa! Of course she did pay me, pay the ticket, and was in charge of my food as well! 

We were setting up her mini booth while waiting for more people to come! I actually bought a lot of stuff from her as well lol!

I bought a pastel pink Emoda bag, powder blue dog printed blouse, and the Ichigo socks! (she gave me Milk Tea and Matcha sticks as well!)

Aren't they adorable!?

Of course a selfie with Ashley is a must! she's so pretty!

And some Kawaii girls visited the booth as well! (fellow members of the community!) we were super happy and again thank you for supporting Candy Kawaii Lover shop!

My boyfriend and my younger brother came with me and waited for me as well, it seems that they enjoyed the Animax Carnival by playing all the games and winning random prizes lol

Overall, hopefully Ashley will be able to expand her business (and I'll work full time for her as well as Kawaii PH lol)

Some of her on hand items!
(photos from Kawaii PH, Candy Kawaii Lover, and me!)

That's it for this post! 

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