What's in my bag

by - 5/03/2015

What's in my bag? Tagged by Mika Hulipas​ (⌒▽⌒) 
Super excited about this ohoho! Tagging Kaila Ocampo​  Chai Mungcal​ Kaye Romero​ Chichi Romero​ Wynona Cabrera​ Armaine Yapyuco​ 

1.) Cardcaptor Sakura tote bag - mika got for me in japan, and le bae Michael​ paid for it as one of his birthday presents for me~ (so yeah its special) 

2.) Wallet - one of the things you can't leave the house without...

3.) Keys - cause duh? 

4.) Hello Kitty moleskin sketchpad - I love to doodle, but I also use this to write notes on in case I need to

5.) Pocky Pencil case - Pencils, pens, markers, I bring em all! 

6.) alpacasso phone cleaner - bought this cutie on Tokyo otaku mode! 

7.) Hair brush and hair supplement (etude house) - since it's super hot, my hair gets damaged easily, so I need to smoothen it~

8.) Medicine Egg Kit - I need my meds! 

9.) Aomoji kei face mask - cos its so smokey here in the philippines...

10.) Folder - I bring this just in case I'd need to put important papers in it (or need to bring important papers) 

11.) Nature Republic Hand cream - it smells good...

12.) Little twin stars oil paper - not sure if I wipe away the oil or my sweat! 

13.) Pigeon Compact powder - Something important I never forget! 

14.) harajuku perfume - seriously love the smell plus it lasts all day! Need to get away from all the smokey/bad scents.

15.) little twin stars plastic sling bag - in case of emergency where I need to put stuff in it

16.) Sailor moon pass case - where I put my important ID 

17.) CELLPHONE - one of the most important things in my bag lol

Aaaand that's it! ... I think.. I have a lot of junk in my bag~ lol

Uploaded this in my FB account and already tagged the people whom I want to see the bags! lol

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