School of Kawaii Lesson 1: Lets draw cute things

by - 5/14/2015

Long time no serious blog post everyone! So today, finally, I will be blogging about Kawaii Philippines first session for the School of Kawaii workshops for the on-going project Kawaii Fund to raise money for the next KiM3 and KiM Asia! For the first lesson of our school of kawaii workshop, it's Let's Draw Cute things with our very own artist Little Miss Paintbrush or Chichi Romero which was held last May 9, 2015!

This was Chichi's first workshop (solo) and when we arrived at the Bunny Baker Cafe (where all the current workshops will be held) she was super nervous and unsure about certain things, of course who wouldn't be? We arrived at the Bunny Baker around 7:30 in the morning to set up the classroom for the students! Francis (our photographer, Mad Tee Party creator, and chichi's hubby), Kaye (dolly Kaye), Chichi and I haven't had breakfast yet, so we ordered a bunch of food before the students arrived, everything about the cafe was adorable!

We also set up a separate table for the Mad Tee Party shirts! There were limited edition designs, and designs that weren't even out yet was showcased and of course available for purchase!
Student's started coming in at around 8 am and we were so happy that they all look excited and kawaii! 

The Materials provided by Chichi and Kawaii PH are super creative and fun! 
Chichi-sensei looks like she's having a lot of fun!

The students all looked super happy about the tips, tricks and styles chichi provided and taught them during the 3 hour intensive workshop, of course food was also included on their list of activities! 

While Chichi was busy teaching, Kaye, Armaine, Chai and I were taking lots of pictures (while goofing around lol)

Kaye took pictures of me while I also took photos of her! lol! we're planning to create a new page... Photography by Kaye and Mica! if ever we do, please support it! haha!

Of course selfies are a must! here are my selfies with Chichi, (francis took a photo of the 3 of use while taking selfies lol), with my fellow Kawaii PH blogger Chai, with my bab wynona (who participated in the workshop), my sis kaye, and my same gen kawaii ph member Armaine!

If there are group selfies, I also took solo shots of myself lol

I was re-watching Kimi ni Todoke a couple of days before the workshop, so I decided to do a Kurumi-chan inspired hairstyle!
Looking at the faces of all the people who attended the workshop, everyone looked so happy! which makes us happy! hopefully more people sign up for the next and coming workshops as well!

See you!!

(photos by Kaye, Me, and Francis)

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