School of Kawaii 2: Complete the Kawaii Look

by - 5/29/2015

Finally up is my report on School of Kawaii's second workshop! Featuring three of our Kawaii PH bloggers as this workshop's "sensei's" are Ms. Ashley Dy (candy kawaii lover), Ms. Anne Kate Pinero ( and Ms. Chai Mungcal (ohmylittlegirl)! Sharing their knowledge in Kawaii fashion, make up and photography, this workshop was entitled, Complete the Kawaii Look!
It was held at no other than the kawaii Bunny Baker Cafe and the Kawaii PH store pop up booth was present as well! (along side Candy Kawaii Lover store)

Ashley talked about Japanese fashion, how to work with what you've got and not just splurging money in buying the newest outfits, she gave tips on how to go around your current wardrobe and achieve the kawaii fashion you want! She also taught the students how to pose for their OOTD shots to make their body slimmer and longer! Selfies are a must for us, so she gave a lot of kawaii poses and tips on what poses to do to make the photo cuter!

While Chai taught the basics of kawaii make up! What and how to apply certain products and also gave wonderful tips on how to use them and where to get the items~

Anne kate talked taught the students on how to work your camera, what to use, and how to do it, since she is a photographer, she gave wonderful tips on what kind of modes to use and such.

The Kawaii PH store collaboration with Ashley! Oh look at them items!

The presentation of the Bunny Baker's food are always so neat and cute!

And of course random shots of me and the rest of the Kawaii PH team!

One great thing that happened during this workshop was, we were able to call Kaila (rainbowholic) from japan! we facetimed each other and she wasn't super prepared yet haha

Overall, the students looked very satisfied and happy with the 2nd workshop! hope to see you in the next one!!

Random footage of the Kawaii PH team dancing to no music.. (well there is now lol)
video made by Armaine!

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