Magical April

by - 5/05/2015

This post is basically how my Birthday month (april) went! I basically got a lot of new kawaii stuff this month! My boyfriend Mike got me a lot of cute things for my birthday (including the Sakura Nendroid) and these awesome sailor moon and cardcaptor sakura items as well as adorable pokemon stickers (with a binder!)

These are all the items I got as a present from my loving boyfriend! he totally supports my kawaii lifestyle which is one of the reasons why I love him!

Before my birthday, he also went with me to attend this year's Ozine fest! I tried doing the kawaii chinese bun hairstyle for the first time!

And I also bought a super adorable Sailor Moon shirt!

My selfie with the boyfie! he's such a pretty boy lol
I also got a super kawaii totoro plushie which I display beside my lappy! ( I feel like it's my office lol)

Me watching From Up on Poppy Hill with the gang~

And of course my Birthday Selfie with le bae!

My april pretty much went so fast but it was all so magical at the same time! I really enjoyed my birthday month!

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