Vanilla Cupcakes

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Visited Vanilla Cupcakes at UP Town Center last week, and just as expected, everything in this cafe is so adorable! I met with my boyfriend here before going around the mall (on with the date lol)
The ambiance is so adorable that I actually see future School of Kawaii activities here, hopefully if the space is bigger~

The interior actually has a mix of Vintage and Kawaii and it seems like a fun place to hang out in, probably because there wasn't much people yet, so it's quiet, but yeah, the interior is pretty homey~

The cupcakes were all super adorable and I actually couldn't choose which one to order, in the end I ordered the one with Nutella because, you can never go wrong with Nutella lol

The cupcake was for 115 php, they also had other food in their menu like pasta, rice, soup, salad, etc. Some of the cupcakes go up to 150 php and their cheapest one is 95 php. 
The taste (of the one I ordered) was actually okay, to be honest there wasn't anything that special, and I was kind of disappointed because I couldn't taste the Nutella, I have to admit, I actually find the place very pricey, not a little... Very. Because the cupcakes were small, but way overpriced.
I've tasted cupcakes from different shops, I especially love Cupcakes at Sonja's because their's are so damn good (not sure if their prices changed but their cupcakes were at 65 php)

Overall, if you have extra money and want to relax in a cute place, this would be the place for you! but not on a everyday basis unless you have lozza money or you want to go bankrupt lol

ending with a selfie collage with my bae!
See you next time!


School of Kawaii 2: Complete the Kawaii Look

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Finally up is my report on School of Kawaii's second workshop! Featuring three of our Kawaii PH bloggers as this workshop's "sensei's" are Ms. Ashley Dy (candy kawaii lover), Ms. Anne Kate Pinero ( and Ms. Chai Mungcal (ohmylittlegirl)! Sharing their knowledge in Kawaii fashion, make up and photography, this workshop was entitled, Complete the Kawaii Look!
It was held at no other than the kawaii Bunny Baker Cafe and the Kawaii PH store pop up booth was present as well! (along side Candy Kawaii Lover store)

Ashley talked about Japanese fashion, how to work with what you've got and not just splurging money in buying the newest outfits, she gave tips on how to go around your current wardrobe and achieve the kawaii fashion you want! She also taught the students how to pose for their OOTD shots to make their body slimmer and longer! Selfies are a must for us, so she gave a lot of kawaii poses and tips on what poses to do to make the photo cuter!

While Chai taught the basics of kawaii make up! What and how to apply certain products and also gave wonderful tips on how to use them and where to get the items~

Anne kate talked taught the students on how to work your camera, what to use, and how to do it, since she is a photographer, she gave wonderful tips on what kind of modes to use and such.

The Kawaii PH store collaboration with Ashley! Oh look at them items!

The presentation of the Bunny Baker's food are always so neat and cute!

And of course random shots of me and the rest of the Kawaii PH team!

One great thing that happened during this workshop was, we were able to call Kaila (rainbowholic) from japan! we facetimed each other and she wasn't super prepared yet haha

Overall, the students looked very satisfied and happy with the 2nd workshop! hope to see you in the next one!!

Random footage of the Kawaii PH team dancing to no music.. (well there is now lol)
video made by Armaine!


School of Kawaii Lesson 1: Lets draw cute things

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Long time no serious blog post everyone! So today, finally, I will be blogging about Kawaii Philippines first session for the School of Kawaii workshops for the on-going project Kawaii Fund to raise money for the next KiM3 and KiM Asia! For the first lesson of our school of kawaii workshop, it's Let's Draw Cute things with our very own artist Little Miss Paintbrush or Chichi Romero which was held last May 9, 2015!

This was Chichi's first workshop (solo) and when we arrived at the Bunny Baker Cafe (where all the current workshops will be held) she was super nervous and unsure about certain things, of course who wouldn't be? We arrived at the Bunny Baker around 7:30 in the morning to set up the classroom for the students! Francis (our photographer, Mad Tee Party creator, and chichi's hubby), Kaye (dolly Kaye), Chichi and I haven't had breakfast yet, so we ordered a bunch of food before the students arrived, everything about the cafe was adorable!

We also set up a separate table for the Mad Tee Party shirts! There were limited edition designs, and designs that weren't even out yet was showcased and of course available for purchase!
Student's started coming in at around 8 am and we were so happy that they all look excited and kawaii! 

The Materials provided by Chichi and Kawaii PH are super creative and fun! 
Chichi-sensei looks like she's having a lot of fun!

The students all looked super happy about the tips, tricks and styles chichi provided and taught them during the 3 hour intensive workshop, of course food was also included on their list of activities! 

While Chichi was busy teaching, Kaye, Armaine, Chai and I were taking lots of pictures (while goofing around lol)

Kaye took pictures of me while I also took photos of her! lol! we're planning to create a new page... Photography by Kaye and Mica! if ever we do, please support it! haha!

Of course selfies are a must! here are my selfies with Chichi, (francis took a photo of the 3 of use while taking selfies lol), with my fellow Kawaii PH blogger Chai, with my bab wynona (who participated in the workshop), my sis kaye, and my same gen kawaii ph member Armaine!

If there are group selfies, I also took solo shots of myself lol

I was re-watching Kimi ni Todoke a couple of days before the workshop, so I decided to do a Kurumi-chan inspired hairstyle!
Looking at the faces of all the people who attended the workshop, everyone looked so happy! which makes us happy! hopefully more people sign up for the next and coming workshops as well!

See you!!

(photos by Kaye, Me, and Francis)


Magical April

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This post is basically how my Birthday month (april) went! I basically got a lot of new kawaii stuff this month! My boyfriend Mike got me a lot of cute things for my birthday (including the Sakura Nendroid) and these awesome sailor moon and cardcaptor sakura items as well as adorable pokemon stickers (with a binder!)

These are all the items I got as a present from my loving boyfriend! he totally supports my kawaii lifestyle which is one of the reasons why I love him!

Before my birthday, he also went with me to attend this year's Ozine fest! I tried doing the kawaii chinese bun hairstyle for the first time!

And I also bought a super adorable Sailor Moon shirt!

My selfie with the boyfie! he's such a pretty boy lol
I also got a super kawaii totoro plushie which I display beside my lappy! ( I feel like it's my office lol)

Me watching From Up on Poppy Hill with the gang~

And of course my Birthday Selfie with le bae!

My april pretty much went so fast but it was all so magical at the same time! I really enjoyed my birthday month!


What's in my bag

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What's in my bag? Tagged by Mika Hulipas​ (⌒▽⌒) 
Super excited about this ohoho! Tagging Kaila Ocampo​  Chai Mungcal​ Kaye Romero​ Chichi Romero​ Wynona Cabrera​ Armaine Yapyuco​ 

1.) Cardcaptor Sakura tote bag - mika got for me in japan, and le bae Michael​ paid for it as one of his birthday presents for me~ (so yeah its special) 

2.) Wallet - one of the things you can't leave the house without...

3.) Keys - cause duh? 

4.) Hello Kitty moleskin sketchpad - I love to doodle, but I also use this to write notes on in case I need to

5.) Pocky Pencil case - Pencils, pens, markers, I bring em all! 

6.) alpacasso phone cleaner - bought this cutie on Tokyo otaku mode! 

7.) Hair brush and hair supplement (etude house) - since it's super hot, my hair gets damaged easily, so I need to smoothen it~

8.) Medicine Egg Kit - I need my meds! 

9.) Aomoji kei face mask - cos its so smokey here in the philippines...

10.) Folder - I bring this just in case I'd need to put important papers in it (or need to bring important papers) 

11.) Nature Republic Hand cream - it smells good...

12.) Little twin stars oil paper - not sure if I wipe away the oil or my sweat! 

13.) Pigeon Compact powder - Something important I never forget! 

14.) harajuku perfume - seriously love the smell plus it lasts all day! Need to get away from all the smokey/bad scents.

15.) little twin stars plastic sling bag - in case of emergency where I need to put stuff in it

16.) Sailor moon pass case - where I put my important ID 

17.) CELLPHONE - one of the most important things in my bag lol

Aaaand that's it! ... I think.. I have a lot of junk in my bag~ lol

Uploaded this in my FB account and already tagged the people whom I want to see the bags! lol