Kawaii PH Headquarters

by - 4/22/2015

Hi guys! So 2 days ago, I finally went to the Kawaii PH headquarters with Kaye (dolly kaye) and I was expecting I wouldn't be surprised because I knew it would be kawaii, but guess again! it was beyond my expectations! Can't wait to visit more often~
This will be a bunch of photo spams lol

Downstairs "dining room"~

Seriously love this tea set!

Took a picture of sakura's box with the awesome sakura tree

And kaye gave me this! from Kaila from japan! lol! super happy!! Thank you again so much master!! Kaila is such a thoughtful person... and that's one of the things I love about her!~ ^^;;

And I got tomoyo!! Super happy!

Kaye insisted we open it cause she was also excited lol! tomoyo is my fave character so I'm super happy!

Look at all these hatsune miku's~

I was super happy to see this on the wall! my first photo with Kaila during our first meeting was here! *^*

Of course a selfie with kaye is a must!

and a solo selfie as well lol

I really loved the ambiance of the HQ~ see you soon!

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