JapanLover.Me Shopping Service Review

by - 4/10/2015

Hi everyone and I'm back with another review, this time it's with our beloved JapanLover.Me store! They recently opened up their own headquarters in Japan and its filled with Kawaii goods! Aside from this they also provide a shopping service for of course international customers, you fill out a form, choose whatever you want to buy from the categories/selections they provide you and voila! you have just received your kawaii parcel from JapanLover.Me~

For this parcel, JapanLover.Me sponsored this for me, so I want to thank master Kaila and of course the people behind JapanLover.Me for sending me this kawaii Pokemon loot!
I was surprised to see the kawaii Pikachu doll!

Can't wait to put batteries in it! ohohoho! My pikachu will come to life soon!
I actually only ordered the Pokemon snacks that's why I was super surprised to see this! One thing I really like about JapanLover.Me / Kawaii PH is they give you more than what you actually buy, by that, I mean that they make the buyer even Happier than they already are when they receive the package! You can really feel that they think about the person who ordered/bought things from them, and I really appreciate that about them!

And now for the snacks!

super excited about this one!

Will be sharing these with my boyfriend as well cause we love pokemon!

I got a ton of these! I think they might be gum lol but not entirely sure, so since I have a ton, I'm planning on doing a birthday giveaway soon and I may include these in the loot bag hihi~

Pokemon fruit gummies! I'm so happy that master Kaila got me a ton of them! I love gummies~ hihi

This one also got me by surprise!

This super adorable Rilakkuma doll came in the package as well!
It's super cute and I was so happy when I saw this! I wanted to give Kaila a hug because she's so sweet!

and... janjajan! one of the first things I ordered from the store was the Sakura Key (keychain) that's why it's the only non-pokemon order lol it was originally supposed to be a CCS x Sailormoon loot, but I kinda wanted Pokemon items as well hihi~

I'm loving the keychain! might turn it into a necklace though, cause I'm magical! The plain Sakura cards were also a surprise to me! Now I can draw my own card! hihi!

And of course a kawaii postcard/letter from them is always a nice touch to their package!

I'm super happy about this service because I can really feel the "love" (I know it's cheezy, but its true lol) when you open your box and see the items you ordered, sometimes you get more than what you expected and by that again, I mean happiness, whenever I open my box coming from Rainbowholic, Kawaii PH or JapanLover.Me, I always feel happy, and its probably because you can feel that they spent a lot of time picking out the kawaii items for you, properly securing them, kawaii-fying it for you, and it feels like you are important to them, which is why I suggest that if you want to order things from Japan, do it straight from JapanLover.Me!

Here are the links you'll need and you're good to go!

Thank you for visiting and hope you order your very own kawaii loot from JapanLover.Me!

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  1. Wow, your pokemon loot is perfect! You are so lucky. By the way, if I am not bothering you, can I ask you how much this loot cost you? You can PM me about me at vianna.garjas17@gmail.com I am really interested in buying a CCS items. TT.TT please, tasukete kudasai!

  2. Was the package delivered to your doorstep or you had to claim it at customs? I want that CCS charm too :) Where did you bought it?