DIY Japanese Candy kit: Hamburger Kit

by - 4/11/2015

(image from deviant art)

Hi guys! Since it's summer vacation, I noticed I've been super active these past few days with my blog, so! for today, I will be posting pictures and as well as pairing it up with a review, for the Happy Kitchen Hamburger candy kit! the cover image is not my work, the reason why I didn't post the pictures of my candy YET, is so that you'd see how much I failed this kit, and to be honest, I don't know why.. lol! but! I will also be sharing a video (by Paper Pastels) on how to do it (without failing it) I don't want to make a tutorial because honestly, you'll laugh at my burger... lol!
Let's get started!

So once you open the box it comes in a super cute packaging which you can also use as a place mat for your tinkering and cooking!

You get a total of 6 packets all labeled and color coded, a small spoon (kinda), a knife, a cup, and your containers!

You need to cute the containers (just follow the lines lol) so that it would be easier to mix everything~ 
Note: You'll need a microwave btw
I started with working on the french fries!
(these will just be photo spams cause this ain't a tutorial lol)

TIP: Once you've mixed the water with the powder, flatten the dough because there are like line patters at the button for your guide when you cut it to become french fries, in the instructions it says to microwave it for 30 seconds, but BE SURE to know how powerful your microwave is, ours turned out to be too strong, so the fries were actually a little burnt and super crunchy on the other parts lol
So I had to be careful with the other mixtures!

I prepared the patty next! It kinda looks disturbing but no need to fret!
On with the buns!

On the video tutorial I was following, the mixture for the buns were actually pretty liquidy, so I'm not sure why mine didn't come out the same so I had a hard time flattening it, you need to microwave this as well so I only microwaved it for 20 seconds..

And after I took it out... it didn't look so well so I stopped taking pictures at this point... 
but!... here's the finished product.. you will laugh at this..


I DON'T KNOW WHY IT LOOKS SO UGLY!! I did my best looool!
The buns were super ruined and I cry ;AAAA; but! lets move on to the taste review..

  1. French Fries - The fries tasted like baby food, probably because it was a little burnt
  2. Ketchup -  It seriously tasted like ketchup! 
  3. Cheese - YEP like cheese!
  4. Soda - I actually liked the soda, it kinda tasted like Coke, mixed with a grape flavored juice
  5. Burger - so the overall taste of the burger... it was okay lol
So that's my review for the burger candy kit! You can actually buy them (cheaper) at the food bin! they have like a small stand in trinoma near the escalator and its only for 250! (if you buy it in other stores it can go up to 300 w/o shipping fee)

If you decided to buy one, here's a detailed video on how to make the burger!
(so that you won't fail like I did)

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