Kawaii Fund Website Launch

by - 3/14/2015

The long wait is over! The website for the much anticipated project of  Kawaii Philippines; Kawaii Fund is finally open! Website: kawaiifund.org
This is one of my first major projects/assignments given by Kawaii PH as an intern, Kaila entrusted me with the research and survey taking for this important project for Kawaii PH for the upcoming Kawaii in Manila 3 and Kawaii in Asia! Kawaii Fund is a fund raising campaign for the Kawaii PH team's future kawaii events for enthusiasts! We all worked hard on creating this site and project so hopefully a lot of people will think of contributing to this project by any means! Sharing this in social media sites is a big help for us as well, donations are welcome, as well as participating in our future workshops! Activities under the Kawaii Fund such as "School of Kawaii/Kawaii Workshops", "poster making" and "Shirts for a cause" will be the first one our list!

School of Kawaii will be a series of Kawaii workshops lead by Kawaii Sensei's (chosen by Kawaii PH team) to conduct activities engaging kawaii enthusiasts!
We will be posting more details on when we would be accepting Kawaii Sensei applications! Be prepared we will be as strict and kawaii as possible! haha!

The Shirts for a Cause is simple, just support our shirts of course created by Mad Tea Party and if you can wear them in activities that would also be awesome! More designs will be coming soon so watch out for it~

Donations or pledges will also be welcome of course!

Let's Make Kawaii Happen by Spreading the Cute on coin at a time!

For more information, please feel free to visit our website!

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