Cardcaptor Sakura Nendoroid Review

by - 3/08/2015

Something I've always wanted has finally arrived a couple of days ago in the mail, and that would be, my Kinomoto Sakura Nendoroid! This is actually a one-month-advanced-birthday-gift-part-one gift by boyfie mike! thank you so much for this super kawaii present bae! I can now take a lot of pics with sakura-chan! but first!... let's go through the unboxing part!

The box is super cute and she has so many available parts with her! Which is super worth the money! and I love the staffs included!

peeking peeking from out the box *excited excited*

A manual and of course the clow sign or I forgot what you call it is also included haha!

and now..


Sakura sealed in plastic as well!

ahh, the staff! the smaller staff can have its beak removed and you can replace it with the one with the clow card~

Changeable arms as well! so many to choose from and so many to use!

and look at those kawaii faces!

I love how kero-chan is also super well made, and I love the wings which I will also be attaching soon haha! let's remove sakura's plastic cover so she can breathe!

Tada! there was also a plastic in between the hat and her hair and that's when I realized that her head was magnetic! well to the hat at least, or maybe it's the hat that's magnetic? either way I love how they made it that way because its easy to remove and put back, but also doesn't fall off easily.

Overall, I'm in love with this nendroid series! I hope I can get tomoyo-chan next so I can create a lot of photo shoot sessions with them!

That's it for this post, look forward to future posts with sakura-chan!

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