Aomoji-kei MNL Review

by - 3/22/2015

Hello fellow kawaii enthusiasts! So for today, I will be doing a review on the things I bought from a little shop called AOMOJI-KEI MNL! It's a new shop, just started a few months ago, but man am I in-love with their items! As the name of the shop itself states, it focuses on Aomoji fashion or Aomoji-kei (style) so the items are pretty unique with the blending of kawaii-ness into it!
For this review, I will not only be reviewing the items, but the shop itself as well!

So without further ado, jan ja jaaan!

These are the items I got from the shop! aren't they lovely? I'm loving all these items and will be purchasing a lot more from them soon! So, will be starting off with the awesome socks!

I'm in love with the quality of the cloth, plus, I think when you wear these, it gives off the cool kawaii vibe in your fashion statement, it's not the usual obvious "kawaii" you get where you wear lacey ribbon socks, but something more formal, but still cute!
This pair is only 149.00 php!

I'm loooooving this face mask! It's super cute and funny at the same time, was taking of getting the cat faced or kaomoji one, but this is sooo much better, and its catchy too! this is also very well made because of the thickness of the cloth, but it's not suffocating at all!
This could be yours for only 219.00 php!

These pins are just the cutest! I actually find it cute when you stick pins in your ootd (outfit of the day) because it makes it more kawaii plus it stands out! If I'm not mistaken, they have A LOT of other designs which you can choose from and they're all so adorable I wanted to get everything!
And these babies are yours for 150.00 php (2 pieces, I think it used to be 3 which is why I got 3)

My personal favorite, these skull hand hair clips! man aren't they cute!? It's like goth kawaii with a hint of rock in it! hohoho! these are super adorable and they come in many different colors as well!
Clip these on for only 169.00 php (pair)

These totoro babies are here to stay because who doesn't want totoro? These are kawaii earrings and They're actually super big, but super light! they're not heavy at all, and I think it's made from clay? lol not sure but still 100 percent cutie! and the good thing is, these are FREE! when you buy their items you get these as kawaii freebies!

There's actually one more thing I originally ordered which was supposed to be my favorite! and that would be the super kawaii EGG TOAST BAG


I really wanted this bag and ordered it, but a few weeks before the orders would arrive, they contacted me telling me it's not available, and gave me options, they handled the matter very well and in a professional manner that I didn't feel sad about it at all, they returned the money I sent for the egg bag, and even made me choose 2 items from their on hand things for free as an apology for the inconvenience~ 

Overall, I'm really happy with the service and items I got from Aomoji-kei MNL! I would give it a 9/10 rating!
 If you want to check their items, here's their FB page and Instagram Page!

Instagram @aomojikeimnl

Not sure what Aomoji-kei means? Want to know more about it? I suggest reading ms. Chai's blog post ( about what Aomoji-kei is!

Let's spread the Kawaii fashion more! hihi

That's it for this post! Hope you liked it and have a kawaii day everyone!

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