Sailor Moon Ribbon iPhone Case Review

by - 2/18/2015

This post focuses on my most recent iPhone case purchase which is the kawaii Sailor Moon Ribbon iPhone 5/5s case! I've actually been using this case for about a month already and I can't believe I actually forgot to write a review about it, this is the official Bandai release and one of the newer iphone cases they released under Sailor Moon for this particular phone model!

First of all the box is super adorable, you'll notice the background of the box are like little patterns of Sailor Moon's Brooch, wands, etc.

And at the back you'll see classic sailor moon and a the official Toei sticker! which I think you should look for when you're planning on buying PGSM merchandise online to make sure it's authentic.

For this particular phone case, the only phone it supports is iPhone 5 or 5s, it doesn't have one for 5c, or 4/4s, there's a separate release for 6 and I will be posting the designs as well so you can see, but for other official sailor moon cases, they do have for 4/4s, 5c, 5/5s and of course for iphone 6.

The ribbon itself is made with good quality plastic, not too thick not too thin, and the sides or the base of the phone itself is thick smooth rubber, which makes the phone case secured but not hard to put the phone in and to take the phone out of the case! that's one thing I really consider!

I'm sorry it's kinda dirty wasn't able to wipe it thoroughly lol

Does it fit Usagi? lol!

Anyway, here's where you can order one for yourself, it's an affordable Japan based OL shop, but very authentic as well!

I got the Prism brooch because I'm not of a fan of the pink shade they used in the other case or the star crystal brooch~

And here's a preview on their designs for the iPhone 6 version

It's the Cosmic brooch, and chibiusa's brooch! 

They have a lot of collections!  feel free to visit them and order one for yourself!

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