Kawaii bread cutter

by - 2/10/2015

For today's blog entry, I will be testing out these kawaii bread cutters that I recently got from my bae~ I've got other bento materials but will be trying this out first! 

Ain't they cute?? they're also easier to use because they're plastic! 

You can make cute sandwiches like these with this bento cutter!

They're also very well detailed! you just need to press real hard to get the details on the bread itself~

Sakura Miku helping me out with the "tutorial" 

Of course you'd need loaf bread to make this! Not sure if this will work on rice because it's plastic, it may not take the heat well, so I'll try it with bread first!
I will try the bear cutter and lets all see how it turns out!

Once you push the cutter real deep/hard in the bread, you pull of the excess bread and I suggest using a knife to get the sides that you may not see when you're cutting this~

Janjajaan! and here's what it looks like! Now all we need to do is to add the details on it!

As you may notice, the crown design is still not on so just turn the cutter/detailer around to get the crown on the forehead~

And jajan! It's complete! if you want to make a sandwich just repeat the process another time and spread out chocolate or strawberry jam or even fill it with ham which you can cut like this as well!
Now lets try the bunny one!

And again if you want to make a sandwich just do the same process and bam it's done!

If you don't want to make a sandwich, you can use these simple cut outs and just pair them with ham/bacon and egg for breakfast or for your bento and kawaii-fy it!

That's it for this post hope you all try this as well!
You can buy these adorable bread cutters in Daiso or Japan Home Center!

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