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by - 2/24/2015

Most of us peeps who're into anime, kawaii, or anything that has something to do with the Japanese culture, loves to draw! It doesn't necessarily mean that all of are considered "good" like the others who really take time to draw and such, there are some of us who started out with stick people, and just sort of emerged lol, I think I may never be good in drawing, but I still like doing it lol I really admire people who can draw so good and yet make it seem like it's no big deal, currently my favorite artists are of course Chichi! (littlemisspaintbrush) and my recently found friend Jenni! (Jennillustrations) of course both of them has some sort of similarity in style, but very different results which is why I love them!

I really love to draw, I've got like a ton of sketchpads at home, like around 45, and my favorites would be the moleskin blank/canvas notebook because it's handy plus it's also cute, lol! will try to take pictures of my older sketchpads and drawings next time~ for now, this is my newest sketch pad! I love buying these kinds of sketchpad because I get to draw on the cover! and that's what this post is about!

It makes one unique, and you'd feel like you're the only person  in the world who has this notebook or sketchpad because you designed it or doodled on it! If you want to make or do this to your sketchpad as well! I'll tell you everything you need to know, and by that I mean where to buy the stuff lol

Where to buy:
  • Sketchpad : Daiso in Trinoma (the large one, not the one beside clippers) - 88 php
  • Sharpie : any National Bookstore branch (duh lol) - this is what I mainly used to draw, I don't like using pencil that much
  • Art Liner pen : any National Bookstore (duh duh)
  • Pastel Pens : SM Marikina Department store
  • Kawaii 3D stickers : got it from Kaila (rainbowholic) from Japan! 
  • Faber Castell Connector Pens : any National Bookstore branch (duh duh duh lol)

And that concludes the most things used lol
And let the drawing begin!

That's actually me lol, I like doodling myself because I can never go wrong with it haha! but! I drew myself in a Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay, for reasons I will be stating later haha!

Now I'm the type of person who loves to draw with either pens or markers, whenever I doodle, the drawing comes out super good, which makes me inspired/motivated to draw more complicated stuff, since it's a complicated drawing I'll use a pencil instead, and whenever I do so, it actually comes out worse than I thought, anyone else experience the same thing? haha!

I'm also not good at coloring, literally, but I do try! sometimes what I do is I look at the works of some of my favorite artists for inspiration lol and voila!

I just used the pastel gel pens, and the Faber Castell connector pens to color it, since someone borrowed my Faber castell colored pencils, and never actually got it back, *sobs*

anyway! It's really fun to design your own characters, sketchpad and notebooks! I think I get motivated more lol!

Please look forward to more random drawings from me, and will be making a separate post for the introduction of the Cardcaptor Sakura Club! (which is the reason why I drew me in a sakura outfit lol)

See you soon!

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  1. is it a good quality sketchpad? huuhuu. i wanna buy. :'(

    1. the pages are actually pretty thin, but amazingly, the markers don't "mark" the next page lol