Cake and Spa day

by - 2/04/2015

Hi everyone it's Mica! Anyone here who feels sluggish even though it's only the start of the year?... I'm actually stressed recently, with a lot of things, like work, personal life, family and everything.. so I decided to pamper myself  by eating a bunch of cakes and getting my nails done and a foot massage! My ever loving bf came with me and also pampered me as well hihi!

I love how my nails look! It's not obvious how much I love purple lol
I already had this design before, but I really loved this design so decided to get the same one again! While I was getting my nails done, 
I asked Mike to buy me a donut from Cafe de Seoul 

I love their tea and donuts!
After the spa day, we went straight to Bizu to eat fabulous cakes!
Mike got the Blueberry Cheesecake and Mango Cheesecake, yeah he's fond of cheesecakes lol

I love the presentation and the ambiance as well of the resto~
I ordered my favorite Strawberry Cheesecake and a fruity tea to go with it, but since Mike wants to pamper me, he got me another kind of cake, I forgot what it was but it was chocolate~

I really loved their cakes! next time I'm hoping we can have like a mini Kawaii gathering in any Bizu restaurant because of the cakes and how the resto is all pink and kawaii as well!
That's all for this post! 

Hope you look forward to the next one~ 

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