Tamashii Convention + Kawaii PH meeting

by - 1/30/2015

Another late update which I really apologize for, I have been super busy recently that the topics that I think of writing about have been piling up and I forget the first one that I thought of, anyway! this post is about the Kawaii PH meeting with the head organizers for Tamashii Convetion to discuss the event and of course the Kawaii Fashion show~ and the members who came with me were the magical sisters Kaye (dolly kaye) and Chichi (littlemisspaintbrush) and we had our meeting at our favorite place, Mothers Crepe and Cafe!

Of course I had to order one of my favorites, the strawberry banana crepe! Ahhh! I miss it now and want to eat one! 

We were so busy talking about the event that I forgot to take pictures, so we took A LOT of selfies and OOTD pics after the meeting ended lol!
(of course I won't be posting anything related to the meeting cos' it's a surprise!)

I'm with Irie Kotoko! ohohoho! Kaye looks so much like Kotoko from Mischievous Kiss! And her outfit that time was also inspired by Kotoko! 

Chichi and I looked like we're wearing matching skirts, but her black skirt is from Forever21 and my black skirt is from H&M but they look so much alike lol! I'm also wearing the Rainbowholic shirt I got from Kaila!

Kawaii and Talented sisters! I wish I had a sister so we could be all kawaii together huhu!

Anyway! the meeting was super fun and hopefully everyone will visit us at the tamacon!

more updates soon!

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