Sakura Miku and JLM Deputy Service

by - 1/25/2015

One of the newest addition to my Toy/Figurine collection, is this super kawaii Sakura Miku! I've decided to start collecting toys again, I have a few figurines but yeah, decided to collect them all again!

I got it at today's Otaku Convention! I actually bought a lot of stuff but this is my favorite, it's a late Christmas present to myself! I'm actually quite lucky because the version that I got was (in my opinion) the best version! The one where Sakura miku is stepping on a Sakura Leaf and holding one as well! (other versions were only does not have any "props" lol)

This was also the last one in stock, I think they only have 1 for each version, I was also supposed to buy a Sailor Moon figurine, but the box was already super old and worn out, of course I want to buy something that still looks brand new including the box!

The Sakura "standee" don't know what you call it, is just super cute! it looks like a small plate and I love the details on it as well!

Ah how pink and cute, I'm a sucker for anything pink or purple, and because of this figurine, it makes me want to play Project Diva again lol

The figurine itself is heavy, which of course I think is better than something that's light and seems hollow, so I'm still not decided whether to display this with the box or without it. It's super cute either way, let me hear your opinion! lol

And lastly on to the final news for today, JapanLover.Me is finally opening...

The JapanLover.Me Deputy Shopping Service!

Japan Lover Me's Deputy Shopping Service will fulfil your Japanese shopping needs & wants!
"Your support of our service here shall go a long, long way to help us fund our activities and projects in sharing this worldwide Japan love with all of you. We sincerely hope for your patronage that we may be able to make this place and site a gathering place for everybody who loves Japan." Team

And that's it for today's post! Everyone have a great day! 

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