Rainbowholic Lucky box Kawaii review!

by - 1/13/2015

I'm super happy and excited to bring forth to everyone, the one and only Rainbowholic box by none other than the Rainbowholic herself! Thank you so much for sending these Kaila! all the items are super kawaii that I don't want to use them! 

The presentation of how the items are arranged are also so neat that you would actually don't want to ruin how kaila fixed it in the box! First of all, the box itself is cute and is properly covered with bubble wrap, and there is also a larger separate box where the rainbowholic box is "hidden" lol!

You'll know that it's the rainbowholic box because of the Rainbow tape attached to the outer box itself, once you've opened it, you'll come across the magical rainbowholic box in a wonderful protective sleeve known as the bubble wrap! *that's a plus for me!*

One thing why you'll feel Kaila's love when you receive her box is because she made it as personalized as possible! She hand-drew the box design, included my name in it, plus the box is itself is actually kawaii!

So now, time to introduce the items inside the Rainbowholic Box!


  • Rainbowholic Shirt 
  • Kawaii Socks
  • Kawaii Sakura face/hand towel
  • Kawaii 3D dessert stickers
  • Card Captor Sakura Clow card/Sakura card stationary
  • Harajuku Takeshita 2014 MAP 
  • Kawaii cafe decorations (Cup, lace coaster, kawaii Tissue)
  • Animal Pouch 
  • Lotte Milk Chocolate
So These are the items in the rainbowholic box! Now when you order, most of the items may change, the items I get doesn't mean you'll get the exact items in it, but rest assured, all of them are authentic kawaii japanese goods!

Will use this pouch for my bento when I go to work!

The chocolate is amazziiing~

Look how cute these stickers are! I don't plan to use them by the way lol! they're just adorable!

I also don't want to use the socks because it's just cute!

One of my personal favorites... CLOW CARD and SAKURA CARD stationary!
I also won't use these! I will save them till I feel I can use them without feeling guilty or without regretting that I used them!

Will post a separate blog post about the map and the places you can visit when you're in Takeshita using Kaila's HARAJUKU ADVENTURE post!

and of course, my favorite Rainbowholic shirt and of Kaila's letter!
It's been my dream to buy/order the rainbowholic shirt and I'm so happy Kaila included the shirt for my box!

and that's everything included in the kawaii Rainbowholic box by Kaila!

If you want to order a rainbowholic box~ just visit her site and you'll never regret it!


Rainbowholic Instagram

You can also follow her instagram account!

And as for the Rainbowholic shirt, you'd need to order it separately, it may not be included in the box when you order it, you'd need to order/pay for it separately, but again, it's so worth it!

And that's it for this review kawaii readers! Please do order your very own Rainbowholic box and feel free to create an unboxing video/blog review so we can send it to Kaila!


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  1. Did it got held up in the customs here in the Philippines? I'm afraid to order because of that.

    1. In my case it didn't, I picked it up at the q.c post office :)