December Kawaii Box Review + Giveaway!

by - 1/12/2015

Hi Kawaii readers! Finally, I was able to pick up my very first Kawaii Box (thank you for sending them to me!) at the local post office and I was super excited and happy with what I got! So first of all, I want to thank the Kawaiibox people who accepted me as a blogger who will receive a free kawaii box for review! I will be posting all the necessary links of course so you can order one for yourself plus! will also be including a giveaway in this post! 

But first, a quick glance while we unravel the magic that's inside the Kawaii Box!

It's a small kawaii box with the kawaii box logo, which I actually want to keep!

The items are wrapped/covered nicely with pink japanese paper, and you'll be greeted with a kawaii Christmas card!

hihi! the card itself is already super kawaii!
Now let's see what's inside!

Janjajaaan! this is exactly how it looks like when you remove the pink paper on top and everything is just so cute! I was super excited to go through each item!

  • Christmas Stationery Set
  • Christmas Stickers
  • Christmas Card & Envelope
  • Kabaya Saku Saku Panda Cookies
  • Pastel Rainbow Pouch
  • Heart Shaped Notebook
  • Kawaii Bunny Plushie
  • Glitter Nail Deco Flakes
  • Doughnut Charm
  • Hello Kitty Beauty Scissors
  • Crown Headband

Christmas Stationary Set~

Most of the items are Christmas related because of course, it's the December box! I love the bunny plushie and the Hello Kitty beauty scissor ~
And my personal favorites are

the christmas stationary set, the Donut squishy and the rabbit plushie! 

All the items are super cute and I'm not even sure I want to use the stationary set cause they're just so cute it might be a waste! I'll most likely just look at them! lol

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