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Caramia Trip

Saturday, January 3, 2015
Kawaii readers of the world! Happy 2015! So this is officially my first entry for 2015 and of course... nothing's new, my post will still be about food~ lol! and it's one of my favorite dessert places of all time.. Caramia!

I love the variety of desserts in this place, from cakes, to ice cream flavors! I'm actually gaining weight now, so I'm planning to take... *coughdietpillscough* if ever I do, it will be the first time I try one lol! hopefully it will work out~ anyway! before I starve myself to death lol... here are more shots of what you can find in Caramia!

Cakes look suuuuper good! I love cakes that have fruits in it!
and of course no one can go wrong with ice cream!

I think there's more flavors on the other side of the store, but was too lazy to take pictures lol! cause I wanted to start eating!

You pour the caramel inside the wine glass with ice cream and some sort of chocolate and it's soooo good I'm drooling~ anyway!

That's all for this short post! 
See you next time!~
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