Caramia Trip

by - 1/03/2015

Kawaii readers of the world! Happy 2015! So this is officially my first entry for 2015 and of course... nothing's new, my post will still be about food~ lol! and it's one of my favorite dessert places of all time.. Caramia!

I love the variety of desserts in this place, from cakes, to ice cream flavors! I'm actually gaining weight now, so I'm planning to take... *coughdietpillscough* if ever I do, it will be the first time I try one lol! hopefully it will work out~ anyway! before I starve myself to death lol... here are more shots of what you can find in Caramia!

Cakes look suuuuper good! I love cakes that have fruits in it!
and of course no one can go wrong with ice cream!

I think there's more flavors on the other side of the store, but was too lazy to take pictures lol! cause I wanted to start eating!

You pour the caramel inside the wine glass with ice cream and some sort of chocolate and it's soooo good I'm drooling~ anyway!

That's all for this short post! 
See you next time!~

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