10 Things that make me HAPPY

by - 1/22/2015

This was completely inspired by Kaila's post! (Rainbowholic post)
I thought that maybe I can be more inspiring/ I would be more inspired if I always see that makes me happy! I'm actually the type of person who gets stressed easily, always feeling down, has this negative outlook, to be honest I'm very negative and I give up quickly... Kawaii PH has been very helpful in bringing up my self esteem so I thank them for including me in their team as their blogger/writer/intern~

I'm really looking forward to spending more time with them and of course excited to graduate from being an intern! lol! I can't wait to fully work with them in the future! I also want to express how grateful I am to my boyfriend who has been very supportive of me whenever I have Kawaii PH activities I need to do/ attend to. My family is also slowly supporting me, I guess it's still not as "normal" for them as how I see it

Whenever I think about how my life would be 10 years from now, I see myself very immersed with work in Kawaii PH! we really do plan to make it super big and to have our own store in malls and of course Kaila's dream of opening Rainbowholic Cafe~ I want to help everyone achieve this dream, and that's my dream for now! I hope I can get passed all the stress, negativity, and pitfalls I'm about to face once I enter this field and leave my comfort zone.

So here are the 10 things that make me happy and that I should always remember and use for inspiration!



1.) Spending time with MIKE - I really love spending time with my boyfriend because he makes me feel important, beautiful, and intelligent, and it gives me self confidence especially whenever I feel insecure and doubtful of myself and my skills as an individual! my BF is my hubby, my best friend, and my therapist! 

2.) Watching Anime and Reading Manga - Whenever I read or watch manga and anime, depending on the story, I somehow get inspired by it! I'm the type of person who feels like "If she can do it, maybe I can do it too! I will do my best!" whenever I sympathize with a character in the story... So I get pretty down easily, but I'll just watch Anime and BAM! I'm a renewed person, so I'm really a shallow gal~

3.) Blogging and Online shopping - Blogging, helps me rejuvenate in a sense where I write all my experiences, finds, and dreams in a blank sheet of wordpad and I somehow release all the tension and excitement I'm feeling, it's my diary! so I feel very happy whenever I post something and I read it... it's like "wow, never knew I felt this way" kind of de ja vu feeling~ of course OL shopping is one of the best feelings ever! everything is kawaii, unique, no need to try clothes on and wait in line to pay for it, only a few people has the same items as you do, and! it feels great when someone knocks on your door, hands you box and you open it!

4.) Taking Photos of ANYTHING (under the sun) - this pretty much says it all! Taking pictures of things, items, food, people, events/moments and everything that I can save/store I feel happy taking pictures! I know there are some people who are all "people who take pictures of food look stupid" and everything, but you know, me don't care, it makes me happy!

5.) Going to KAWAII Cafes - In line with taking pics to share some of the Kawaii places/cafes and menu included, I love eating there of course! these are the places that have the best ambiance and make you want to hang out with a few friends, enjoy food, take pics and just talk~

6.) Playing games with my babies - OF COURSE NOT A DAY GOES BY WITHOUT ME TURNING ON MY PINK PS VITA OR PINK 3DS XL~ maaaan I love my babies! and the reason why I call them babies, is because my bf also has matching consoles and we bought them together! 

7.) SEIFUKUS - Seifuku or Japanese uniform makes me super happy! I've always wanted to wear a full on kawaii seifuku which I have never done, I bought one last year, but it was incomplete, plus the skirt was kind of small... so yeah, never been able to wear a seifuku, someone help me achieve this dream!

8.) Listening to HELLO ! PROJECT songs, and covering Anime/Jpop/Vocaloid songs - This was one of the first few things I did on the internet, cover songs and uploaded them on YT, I actually never knew I could sing songs and even imitate the voices of the singer! if you have time feel free to visit my soundcloud or youtube channel! I love the days when I always covered songs because I met a lot of people, and made a lot of new friends!

9.) Collecting Kawaii Items - who wouldn't be happy collecting something they love!? this brightens up the room, makes me smile, and makes other people smile! it's a win win situation

10.) Sleeping - One of my favorite things to do, SLEEPING. well, who isn't happy when they sleep?


And that's it for my list! I hope anyone who reads this or Kaila's post will also be inspired and make a list and post it on their blogs as well! 

P.S I apologize for my lame drawing and the scary totoro and alien my melody lol

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