Pre-Christmas Date!

by - 12/23/2014

Hi lovelies! Earlier today, me and my boyfriend mike went out and made some last minute Christmas shopping! It's been a while since we've been on a date and we were super tired earlier! We had a quick snack at a very kawaii mini chocolate fondue place!

The chocolate is super good and tasty! plus it's super affordable!! the small cup (with any fruit included) is only 35 php!!

Mike ordered the small cup with assorted fruits in it, in my case I only asked for Banana and Melon~ 
(there was no strawberry that time! ;A;) and of course a date won't be complete without more pictures and selfies!

Hihi! Mike looking all cute and happy with his Milk Chocolate dip! they have dark chocolate dip, milk chocolate dip, and white chocolate dip! there are other food included as well!

Okay so here's a stolen shot that mike took! I told him to wait cos' I was about to eat one and he still pressed the button! 

And more shots where I'm not ready to smile yet! I might have chocolate in my teeth! haha!
So after eating a snack we went shopping for shoes, Cause I wanted to buy new sneakers, and also looked for kawaii bags (to no avail) and also some kawaii clothes~ 

Mike also bought a couple of clothes for himself!

And for dinner! I had Ramen!

and that's how our day went! it's already the 24th! Almost Christmas everybody! Please look forward to a year end post and a blog name change update!

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