Kawaii Mister Donuts ミスタードーナツ

by - 12/17/2014

While strolling in the mall with my boyfriend mike, I noticed this Mister Donut stall had Katakana written under it, normally, Mister Donut's here in the Philippines are like just the normal local donut stores we have here ( always thought it was local ) So we decided to check it out, and realized they were selling Japanese Donuts (just like what Mister Donut in Japan have in their line up) and kawaii animal donuts as well!

I also love the ambiance of the place, it's just a small stall in the middle with small tables and chairs included~ plus they're not that expensive! which is something very important of course, since it's christmas time, gift giving and exchanging so people are tight on budget!

Here's what I ordered (Mike ordered something different, he just ordered regular donuts lol)

Animal Donuts! these are just 10 php per piece, and there are still other animals as well, but I can't remember what they were~ lol!

My favorite out of the three! Chocolate and Vanilla! I think it's a puppy??? not reallt sure, haha! but yeah looks like a puppy, but the vanilla cream is super yummy plus the chocolate dough is super soft, and kind of chunky in the inside!

And yes, I assume this is a cute neko-chan! I think it's still vanilla flavored, but just with a different color~

Of course never miss a kawaii buta/piggy in the collection! This one is strawberry flavored one and I love it! it's super tasty, but very sweet it's just the right amount~

After we ate we went shopping, and omg bought kawaii stuff and will be posting them soon!
and this date won't be complete without a selfie! although I took Mike's Picture~

I'm wearing the "Full Time Magical Girl" t shirt from the Kawaii PH store by MAD TEE PARTY! promoting Kawaii PH while shopping, and mike also helped me plan the Kawaii Fashion show for the Tamashii Convention in March 2015!

And that's it for today's post! 
Bye lovelies!

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