Card Captor Sakura Collection

by - 12/08/2014

Hey Kawaii lovers!

Recently, Kaila and I have been chatting about which Shoujo anime we like better, Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura, we both agreed we like Card Captor Sakura better, and we both posted kawaii Card Captor Sakura Collection!

Some of these I've had since I was in grade school especially the Clow cards and the Sakura doll!

This Sakura Doll was a gift from my grandma and the 4 kawaii cards were included in the pack as well! she also has a back pack included and socks and her black shoes, but I need to find the back pack first, I put the socks and shoes in there! And if you're wondering, yes you can remove the hat!

And I love these clow cards with the book! One thing I love about this is the book is not just some cardboard box, it's kind of soft, but hard at the same time, and sort of leathery? and of course I have all Clow cards! My mom bought me these randomly when we were at a mall when I was younger, I also used to have Sakura Cards but I guess they weren't original because the book was made of like a regular box with sakura's pic in front, and the sakura cards were thinner than the clow cards, but someone borrowed it and never returned it, now I'm not sure who I lent it to~

I also have the DVD of the whole series including the movies in English Subtitle! yep because I don't like the English dub that much because they did alter some of the meaning (or rather they changed the translation and meaning of what the characters were actually saying) and it altered the characters in the anime. Those Limited Edition Jacket Collection Cards were a gift, but can't remember from who~ I still have a lot more limited edition cards in an album, but these were the first batch I got~

Of course one can not go on with the manga! I also have the 12 original japanese manga's of Card Captor Sakura! these were from my friend Kalix!

And one of the first OST's I got for myself when I was in high school!

I used to always listen to all the songs in this CD, this CD includes all the OP, ED themes and the theme songs of the 1st and 2nd movie as well!

by the way, here's Kaila's Card Captor Sakura collection!

She bought these goodies in Japan! check out her blog!
She also put up a Card Captor Sakura Club so please be sure to like the FB page and look forward to the club website to be updated with any CCS merchandise and collection and giveaways!

Feel free to blog and post your kawaii Sakura Collection as well!
Bye lovelies!

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