LoveGood's Cute N' Kawaii Shop Decoden Case review!

by - 11/18/2014

Hey guys! I'm back with a review and this is the first time I'm reviewing something this kawaii! It's LoveGood's Cute N' Kawaii Pastels and Pretzel decoden case! This shop is owned and created by Abegail, (will be linking the facebook page of the shop later on) and she creates everything by herself, the cabachons and all, you can really see that she's made the cases with love! I actually submitted the base design for my particular case (not sure if that's how the other's did it, if they just wanted like a specific theme or if they designed it) in my case, I asked her if I can design it how I want it to look like and she's very accommodating and said yes, so I drew my design on a paper and sent it and she did a really good job re-creating it with clay! plus! she made it more Kawaii!

She also added kawaii wipples or dripping strawberry sauce on the side! I also love how she created the cake roll in a very realistic way, the "texture" of how she made the roll was super creative that it actually looks real! plus the additional colored icing or toppings was an additional plus to the kawaii feel of the case!

The other Cabachon that I really loved was of course the m&m pastel cabachon she included! She even ordered this to have it as a part of my sweets themed phone! Originally, I asked if she could put pearls on the border part of the camera, but she said she doesn't have those as of the moment and asked if she could use stars instead, and it actually looks cuter! 

We originally talked about five cabachons only, but she added a kawaii ribbon and a few stars and hearts to add to the pastel feel of the case, I personally asked her to not make the cabachons that big because I like to keep it simple and neat, but still kawaii!I also really love how she made the strawberry chocolate milk bar with a bite on the side! The macaron cabachon has the main 3d effect of all the cabachons, and I love the peppermint color that she used for the macaron!

One thing that I felt bad about though was that the Pretzel had like a rather deep scratch that must have happened during the shipping~ which was too bad, but it's still cute either way!

I personally love this case, and will plan to use this for a rather long time, although I also have a few tips that the creative artist can use when making the next few cases as well! 

First is, I think it would have a better and more neat effect if she piped out bigger shell droplets of the whipped cream, and instead of the smaller sized droplets and occupying 5 columns of the back of the case, I think it would look better if there were only four columns, with bigger shell whippies and it would also make it easier for her to actually place the cabachons because the whippie is easier to fix or modify if it has bigger portions~

Another thing is (although she did already mention that she would be adding this already) to shinfy the case with varnish or any kind of product that can make the case glossy, and at the same time make it more easier to maintain the color, the white whippie I requested actually gets dirty very easily so I have to be extra careful in where I leave my phone because the dirt actually sticks to the whippie because of its rubbery effect~ although because of the first few batch of orders she received, she's able to purchase a good quality of a varnish kind of oil so for the next orders! you'll have your case shinified!

aside from those, I love everything else with this case, you can really feel that she made this and wants you to be happy! she even included a letter! super sweet!
and she also included a super kawaii freebie which was also hand made!

I'm planning on including this in my kawaii strap collection!
The packaging was also super duper cute! I didn't want to rip it off!

There was actually a super cute pink ribbon around the box with her signature unicorn seal or sticker in the middle! You can see her contact details and here's her facebook page so you can also go ahead and order one kawaii decocase for yourself!

Everyone can go visit the page and make your orders and you can also check the other cases she's already made for other orders as well!

Thanks for reading kawaii lovelies!

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