Kawaii Philippines x Bazaar for all Seasons

by - 11/30/2014

Another Kawaii Event has officially ended~ It's a tie up with some of the famous bloggers in creating a special bazaar, which is Bazaar for All Seasons at Elements Tent in Eton Centris! Kawaii Philippines had 2 booths in the event, one for selling goods and the other booth is for the Kawaii Workshops! On the first day, The people who were standing by at the booth were Chichi, AnneKate, Me, Francis, chichi's parents and my ever supportive boyfriend Mike!

During Bazaar for All Seasons Day 1, the Kawaii PH team prepared a DIY Usamimi Hairband Workshop, and of course we were selling original Kawaii PH items like Kawaii Shirts printed by MadTee Party, Pins and accessories by Chichi Romero (littlemisspaintbrush) and of course Dolly Kaye dresses and skirts!
Here's a spam of pictures during the 1st day of the event!

Dolly Kaye Dresses and a shot of the booth from behind~

Kawaii PH shirts and Printed Bags by MadTee Party!

We also had a lot of Kawaii Friendship bracelets! and some Japanese Hair Care and styling products!

Pin Buttons by Chichi Romero!


DIY Kawaii Usamimi workshop table!
And here are some photo's of the actualy Usamimi Headband workshop itself!

Annekate was super cute!

Kawaii Philippines brochure

Kawaii PH standee~

Here are some shirt samples and of course mah selfie with my Bazaar ID!!

Will be adding more photos of the workshop in action once Kawaii PH also posts about the bazaar~ wasn't able to stay the whole day because I have work~
Now moving on to the 2nd day! On the 2nd day of the event, I arrived first, and I set the table up myself and I'm very proud I was able to set it up! then of course, Chichi and Francis came to the rescue! and we all set up the activity booth for that day... and it was a Rainbowholic Photo Booth!

Here's how I set the table up! I even looked at the pics in my phone on how the table looked like during the 1st day~ lol

and of course more dolly kaye dresses! and here's a super kawaii Unicorn display!

And now, here's a bunch of pictures on how we set up and kawaii-fied the Rainbowholic Photo booth! we even had props for your kawaii pictures!

Here are photos of me and Chichi trying out the Rainbowholic Photo Booth even before it's done lol!

And because we miss Kaila~ 

Here's a picture with her in the middle! Me wearing the Kawaii Girl Uniform and Dolly Kaye's Pastel Tea Time Skirt!

More pictures of me and chichi! a clearer shot lol~ I look so derpy
and a photo of Chichi and Mikee!

Kawaii PH team Mikee, Francis, Chichi and Armaine! already left when they came~
And here are some pictures of some kawaii girls!

Only chose to pics for kawaii girls because you'll see more in the website!

And of course the day can't end without another selfie~
Now moving on to day 3! I wasn't able to attend this day because of work, now these pictures were taken from Chichi's Instagram who of course was there to watch the booth and conduct the Workshop for that day! Pin Button making!

Now here are some photo's of the Pin Button Making activity itself!

Everyone looks like they enjoyed the activity! hopefully they would continue spreading the Kawaii love through these! Chichi was an amazing teacher! everyone's work were also super cute!

and of course, this post won't be complete without my Kawaii PH hauls!

 Ah~ will be adding the shirt to my Kawaii Collection! loving the skirty by dolly kaye!

That's it for now kawaii lovelies!

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