Happy Halloween!

by - 11/01/2014

Yaho! kawaii girls all over the world! Happy Halloween to everyone-nyan!~did you guys dress up and asked for candy? I didn't ask for candy, but I did dress up (well~ kinda) for the Halloween theme OOTD party in our office!

It's just a super simple costume, but for me, simplicity is also kawaii!
I was a kawaii neko nyan!

Yeah~ kawaii nyan~ nyan nyan! Was able to use this kawaii Neko dress and paired it with my kawaii lolita lace neko ears! Most people in the office were also in costumes!
It was fun to dress up, my boyfriend took this pictures for me!

After work, me and my Mom went to the mall to have our normal bonding time and of course to buy a gift for my boyfriend! We ate the Halloween donuts of Krispy Kreme!

Mine was the pumpkin one! it was super delicious! The skull one had strawberry cream in them!
Inside Krispy Kreme, there was also a guy in a super huge Hulk costume!

The guy was standing in a kind of cardboard thingy~ (and my shirt also had a Neko face.... didn't notice that lol) in the end we were able to buy a super awesome gift for boyfie, and!!! got something for myself as well!
FINALLY FOUND the Shrink it! craft book! (art by the awesome Chichi Romero)

Super excited to make some charms!! it's still available nationwide in bookstores for only 195 php!!

That;s it for today lovelies!

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